Mobile power manufacturers custom product flow

Introduction: Mobile power is an indispensable item in modern life, so there are many manufacturers of mobile power, and the products they produce have their own characteristics. Some manufacturers are also able to provide personalized customized products for businesses and individuals. Th

What is the future fate of the wearable device market?

According to foreign media (TechCrunch), after the development of the past few years, the fate of wearable devices is still to be seen. At the past CES 2017, there weren't too many highlights for wearables, and only two or three new watches were unveiled. More manufacturer

Tesla's latest Model S 100D increases endurance and…

Although the positioning is pure electric high-end coupe, for most owners, the fastest 100 km acceleration of the Tesla Model S is really not used in daily life. Tesla's Model S P100D model launched last year can be regarded as the most sporty model in the current Model S

Logitech Logitech M275 Wireless Mouse Experience

In the office, the use of the cable is really troublesome, because the cable length is often placed under the table will pull, have to bend to plug, so think about buying a wireless mouse, Bluetooth mouse desktop can not use, can only With a wireless mouse, it is both easy