Application of UAV in Emergency Rescue

ByAllison GS Knox Elinson GS Knox EDM abstracts As new technologies are applied to all aspects of today, companies and societies benefit a lot. Of course, the way people handle emergencies has become diverse. Technology has brought us new ways to deal with emergencies and provide new ideas for c

Let's play zombie together "2017 VR" mult…

â–¼ Let's play zombie together "2017 VR" multiplayer survival shooting game from Baidu VR "2017" is a very good VR multiplayer survival game. In the game, players from all over the world will become saviors in the virtual world, resist the rapi

Bolt EV Battery System Technology Chevrolet

The Chevrolet Bolt EV, which went on sale in 2016, is a decisive product of GM in the era of electrification, which is the best result that GM has explored for many years in the field of electric vehicles. Of course, if it is not Model3, Bolt EV will not come out so quickly, because if it does no

How is the uncontrolled return and intelligent return o…

The new Lightbridge HD image transmission system delivers image transmission and control distances of up to 7 km* for the Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2, providing a smooth shooting experience for aerial photographers. In actual operation, due to the limitation of people's environment, the drone m

With SONY Sony PHA-3's clear stream of the world of…

Just after the New Year came a blind monk, the Philips X2 that had been used before, people always have a kind of old and new ideas, so X2 listened for about a year to look like a new darling, began to have no favorite headphones, usually Listen to the OST more, this kind o