Auto wiper automatic control circuit diagram

Auto wiper automatic control circuit diagram Led Touch Screen Monitor including Capacitive touch display and Infrared Touch Screen Monitor, both have been widely used in many occasions, such as showroom, brand monopoly, hotel lobby, fairs, company showrooms, supermarkets, b

Car turn notification circuit diagram

Car turn notification circuit diagram Aluminium wire as a good anticorrosion material,in steel structure surface anti-corrosion(container,dam and sluice gate,Ductile Iron Pipe,bridge etc.) Aluminum WireAluminum Wire,Zinc Aluminum Wire,High Pure Aluminu

High-speed ADC-Defining and in dynamic parameter testin…

Abstract: The first part of this arTIcle series discusses commonly known definiTIons most crucial for high-speed data converters (in this case analog-to-digital converter or short ADCs) used in communicaTIons, instrumentaTIon and data acquisition applications. The purpose of th

DS2151, DS2152, DS2153, DS2154

Abstract: ApplicaTIon Note 325 is a Crystal SelecTIon Guide for these Dallas Single Chip Transceivers: DS2151, DS2152, DS2153, DS2154, DS21552, DS21554, DS21352, DS21354 and DS2155. SpecificaTIons for selecTIng the appropriate crystal in a T1 or E1 application are given in the

Design output matching network, MAX1472 ASK transmitter…

The MAX1472 is a crystal-referenced phase-locked loop transmitter designed to transmit OOK / ASK data in the 300MHz to 450MHz frequency range. It supports data rates up to 100kbps. When matched to a 50Ω system, the MAX1472 PA is capable of delivering more than + 10dBm of out

DS26303 LIU initialization and configuration

Abstract: This application note describes how to properly configure the DS26303 T1 / E1 / J1 line interface unit (LIU), and contains C-style sample code that can help designers quickly implement basic system operations and facilitate initial software development. Introduction

Equalizing Tec Frequency Conversion-Equalizing Tec

Abstract: Digital-to-analog converters (DACs) convert digital data to analog voltage or current in applicaTIons such as instrumentaTIon and wireless communicaTIons. A DAC's output frequency generally ranges from DC to less than fS / 2, where fS is the input-updaTIng frequen