Resident electricity service quality supervision specia…

I. Indicators for Electricity Consumption Guarantee for Residents' Livelihoods (I) Power Supply Quality Indicators 1. Supply reliability rate The annual power supply reliability rate in urban areas is not less than 99%, and the annual supply reliability rate in rural areas complies wit

MediaTek Releases Support for 120Hz High-End Smart TV S…

21ic MediaTek, Inc. has released the world's first single-chip solution to support 120Hz dynamic adjustment of high-end smart TVs. In addition to providing an excellent 3D visual experience, it is leading the industry in supporting next-generation Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi Display enables TVs to connect d

Technical analysis and functional characteristics of VM…

The wireless FM audio repeater can modulate the audio signal into a high frequency signal and receive it with an FM radio within a certain distance. Wireless audio repeaters are widely used in wireless headsets, car MP3 transponders, conference broadcasts, buildings and park broadcasts. The simp

Two departments promote solar photovoltaic building

The General Office of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development jointly issued a notice a few days ago that in order to accelerate the launch of the domestic solar photovoltaic building application market and further increase the level of solar photovolta

2012 smart meter privacy security issues will increase

In 2011, numerous user privacy leaks were seen, information leaked from websites to government agencies, and news from the World News to mobile phone eavesdropping were closed to CarrierIQ mobile phone privacy issues. However, at the same time as the development of information technology,

Several common control circuit principles

Schematic diagram of the synchronous control socket circuit of the cooling fan The working principle of the application circuit of the device is shown in the following figure. For heat dissipation from electrical equipment, a cooling fan can usually be used to dissipate heat. The synchronous cont

Silan micro LED chip expansion technology transformatio…

[High-tech LED News] Hangzhou Silan Micro (600460) announced on November 23, 2011 that its wholly-owned subsidiary Hangzhou Shilan Mingxin Technology Co., Ltd. received the financial and information technology of Hangzhou Municipal Finance Bureau and Hangzhou City. The “Notice on the Release

OLED driver

First, active drive (AM O LED ) Each pixel of the active drive is equipped with a LowTemperature Poly-Si Thin Film Transistor (LTP-Si TFT) with switching function, and each pixel is equipped with a charge storage capacitor, and the peripheral drive circuit and the display array are

Philips introduces second-generation LED spotlight modu…

Philips Lighting recently released its second-generation spotlight module (SLM), which belongs to the company's Fortimo family. Compared with the first-generation module products, this series of spotlight modules has been upgraded from 60-70 lm/W to 90-100 lm/W. It is understood that Philips r

Import function of PADS LOGIC

Open the import dialog box of the PCB design software PADS LOGIC, click on "File Type" and you will see the file types that can be imported as shown. Although this is outdated, it still feels much better than powerpcb. Basically, you can import the schematic diagram