2012 smart meter privacy security issues will increase

In 2011, numerous user privacy leaks were seen, information leaked from websites to government agencies, and news from the World News to mobile phone eavesdropping were closed to CarrierIQ mobile phone privacy issues. However, at the same time as the development of information technology, it is even more necessary to firmly follow the principle of privacy protection. In fact, the development of cloud computing and mobility has brought more security and privacy issues. Smart grid-related privacy is also an important area of ​​concern.

As more and more countries and utilities begin to launch smart meters, we are also expected to see more countries try to update their smart grid privacy laws. However, some people may wonder, "Can people see my peak in electricity use? Is it a big deal?"

Smart meter data is directly related to energy efficiency. Facts Some people will collect this data and guess from you the electrical appliances you use, your home address and more. For example, after the appliance manufacturer has obtained this information, it may try to recommend a brand-new product to replace the less efficient product you are currently using.

In fact, the data of smart meters can bring more personal privacy and family energy use information. In the divorce agreement, the data shows that the energy consumption can be used to prove that your spouse or former spouse did not do what you said at 3:30 am; you can judge your energy consumption based on the energy consumption in your charging record. s position. You can find out if a person is traveling or doing other things by looking at energy efficiency sheets. Home insurance companies can potentially indemnify indemnities by understanding the non-energy-saving appliances you use because they can use the data on the use of the appliances to prove that they are not in line with their home insurance policies.

For employees, if you tell your employer that you are sick you need to take leave, but your EV charging record proves that you are actually playing outside all day.

The NISTIR7628 launched in the United States in 2011 listed a series of privacy-related content. However, this is just a beginning. There are more important privacy issues that we need to constantly update and join. What kind of privacy issues will arise in 2012?

In 2012, social media will continue to be an important concern. The use of social media by businesses and other organizations will continue to increase privacy concerns for social media. For example, hospitals, doctors and other organizations are using social media to help their patients. This sounds good, but when you think about it, especially when doctors do not know how to use social media well. It's even more problematic because they are posting information about their patients all over the world.

The United States has recently had a shocking event: a hospital system provider has an identity device that encourages hospital staff to log in using Facebook's account password, which can truly integrate their Facebook account with the system. The device also provides access to the patient care system. This can be easily managed, but this kind of connection between social networking sites and non-public systems will cause more privacy incidents and deserve our attention.

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