360 BA Di Long Children's Watch SE SE Zi Bai Shu

I am a watch.
Why can I speak?
Because I'm a smart watch for children.
My name is Badiron, and the full name is 360 Badiron Children's Watch SE. For convenience, I will shortly refer to Badiron SE.

The topic of child safety I do not think I need to say any more. It is too heavy to say.
And don't count on our children's smart watches to solve child safety issues.
Then why should we give the children with us?
Because we can let parents know the child's actions in a timely manner,
And smash the unstable factors in the cradle.

Below, I will take everyone to know me in my way and see what I have done for 360 Children's Watch SE.
My house is a small yellow box. It looks like a kawaii. When a little child meets it will like me and is not willing to throw it away.

This blue watch is me - 360 Badiron children watch SE.

how about it? Am I pretty? In fact, I still have a variety of colors, such as green, red, etc. My little master likes blue, so Dad chose me in blue.

Although I am a smart watch for children, my structure is not complicated at all. There is only a round button on the body that can be used to turn on or turn on and off the screen. Other functions need to be done in cooperation with the mobile phone.

Take a look at my body. The round button on my left side of the body is the only button, and the side bar is the speaker. My dad and dad talk when the dad's voice comes from here.

There is a small lid on the right side of my body. Open this lid. Inside is the place for charging. I use the standard Android charging cable, so charging is also very convenient.

There is my identification on the wristband - 360, which is the name of my company.

Please take a look at my wristband buckles. This type of buckle is relatively safe. It can prevent the watch from being taken off by the children themselves. Their little hands and hands are very difficult to remove from the wrist.

My back.

In fact, my clothes outside can be taken off. Here I'm going to talk about my main suit. It is made of medical silicone and it will not cause skin damage to children. It is also soft and comfortable to wear. This blue dress also has a role of dust and water resistance, can reach IP65 level, the first number indicates the dust level, 6 means to completely prevent dust from entering; the second number indicates the waterproof level, 5 means to rinse with water Without any harm, but you have to soak me in the water, then I must hang.

In fact, I took my clothes off for a reason. You see, the mobile phone card was put into my body from here. I remember that the mobile phone card should be prepared in advance. I can use the NANO standard size.

Well, look at the boot. This is my main interface, you can display the time, date, there is a cute little monkey exposed half the face, is not it cute?

Of course, you need to download the APP on your mobile phone before using it. After scanning the QR code, you can bind it and activate it. Then you can display the operation menu.

Download a good app, register and login simply, and you can use it. Quickly send my little master a handsome picture and pass it on.

Before letting me work, it's best to set me up. All this is done on the phone, and it will automatically sync to my brain. Do you think I'm smart?

OK, now I'm working.

Take a look at my operation menu, isn't it simple? In order to facilitate the use of children, my interface has been streamlined to the extreme, only four icons.

The phone function is very good, so that children can directly select the person to call, and they can call after clicking.

In addition to direct calls, small hosts can also use my chat messages with moms and dads, just like WeChat. Hold down the microphone button and speak directly. The high-sensitivity microphone on my body can convey the small master's words without fail. In adults' mobile phones.

As a good friend of the children, I have control over incoming calls. If I need to dial a mobile phone, I must first set the number on my mobile phone. If the phone is not in the list, it will not be able to enter, so as not to interfere with the children.

Of course, I also have certain simple functions like step counting, and I can set an alarm to remind children of the time.

If other children also have a BA Dilong children watch SE, you can directly add friends, you can chat directly to speak, see, I set up a friendship bridge for the little master.

In addition to those commonly used functions above, in fact, my big move has not been released yet. Here I talk about my special skills.

Big move one: positioning.

My little master is a lively little boy who wants to keep him quiet for a minute is more difficult than to go up to the sky. When he is playing outside, it is faster than rabbits. He can't find it at a glance. Not knowing who knows and toss what moths go.

But now there is me, I will monitor the small owner's every move in real time, as long as the adults need to immediately send the position to the past, so that adults no longer worry.

Big move two: safe area.

Although I can locate the position of the small owner in real time, it would be dangerous if the small owner runs away. However, this problem is well resolved by me. It is just a matter of delineating a security zone.

Adults can specify a range of areas. As long as they leave the area, an alarm will sound on the watch and an alarm will sound at the same time on the adult’s mobile phone to alert the adults. As long as the young master is free to move around in an area designated by adults, there is no problem.

Big move three: history track.

As long as I stay with the little master, I will record the small master's every move, and then feedback to the adult's mobile phone. As long as the adult opens the mobile phone, you can see the small owner's movement track, even by me. Draw a road map for adults, see me strong?

As long as I am around the little master, ask adults to rest assured.

Big move four: SOS alarm.

The child is curious about everything. What if I take it off the road or let the bad guy take the watch off? ! I believe adults will have this concern, but this issue is not a problem for me.

This is another powerful feature of me. As soon as the watch has left the small master's wrist in use, I will immediately issue an alert and issue an SOS distress alert on the adult's mobile phone at the same time, and then send a position message to the family group so that the risk can be minimized. .

Write last

After a few days with my little master, I felt that my little master had liked me. When it was okay, I would look at me with two eyes. I had more interaction with my father and mother, and I had more fun with my little friends. Cheerful. Of course, my duty is to give the greatest protection to the small master, so that he will not be harmed, and I will do my best to care for him, love him and make the world full of love!