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It was more than a year since I met Zhang Aunt. I wouldn’t say much about it because of the surge in monthly credit card bills, which is love and hate. Today, there is nothing to do at work, so whimsy, send one of the most simple and original, do not know what to do with the aunt.

Go straight to the topic, first overview. Oh no, first introduce the background, the landlord is in the third-tier township in the shipping area. Before the brokers mixed for ten years (exposure age), the workplace was hard. Last year, they decided to regain their freedom. 35 friends took the money and took a small, sunny private placement. The fund rented an office building and began my happy freelance career. There is so much nonsense, above:

Let's start with the subject. The computer, Lenovo Y50, started a year ago.

Buy at that time seems to be 5900 yuan, i5 processor +gtx960m is still sufficient, 1T mechanical hard drive and 2G of memory is flawed, so add a 4G of memory, for a 400G SSD, this configuration I three Open or open trading software to watch the plate, by the way, you can also use the furnace stone or play Starcraft 2, which is completely without pressure. Speaking of here, it is necessary to spit this y50, there is no optical drive, there is no extra place to add SSD, so you can only replace, can not be added, or a little bit uncomfortable.

Next is the external display, LG's road section, bought 11,000, and now may also buy three-digit bar, the screen this thing, cabbage than cabbage. However, after all, the IPS hard screen, regardless of brightness or color performance, have all burst out of the Y50's rubbish matte screen. The disadvantage is only a single input interface, in order to facilitate my connection to the PS4, behind a small HDMI three input and a switch, very easy to use, can switch audio together, sometimes these small things are not real indispensable.

Next is the desktop support of this song, notebook + display, is simply tailored, vacated display, the bottom of the table can be put out empty snacks and strange things, quality and value are very good, easy to rotate , The height can be adjusted, needless to say, must be the explosion model recommended by Aunt Zhang.

Next is the keyboard and mouse. Before I met Zhang Aunt, I used the Logitech Wireless Kit for the price of cabbage. I didn't feel any bad. After I met, I didn't say anything.

Keyboard: Cool and Extreme Flame Gun Aurora, red axis version, have to say, the red axis is the most suitable for daily use, why do you say that, because more than a year ago, I have been using this paragraph

Haha, I didn't recognize the keycap. Actually it was a flame gun. This was my first mechanical keyboard (also a poison under the ZDM). There was no doubt that the blue axis (red light) was chosen. However, it was a long time. After that, the banging sound that was originally sounded sensational was a bit noisy. After changing the red axis, it was discovered that the keyboard is still the most important touch. The sound effects are not worth mentioning. Lighting effect, the family has a RGB pirate ship, fresh for two days, and finally tuned into a monochrome white light, huh, huh.

The mouse is the explosion model, Logitech G900, nothing to say, compared with my previous G502, did not think where to stand out, because there is no weight, it is not used to start. Wireless cable is the same for me, but fortunately this does not have to replace the battery, directly plug the line, otherwise I will not use wireless.

The digital keypad uses a domestic blue axis and no other axis products were found. Why do you want to buy this thing? When you say it, when you buy the red axis of the flame gun, you can't find it is 87 keys. It's too much trouble to return, think about it, add a small keyboard, it is also very interesting . After all, the homemade shaft feels like a hand. Compared to the cherry family, it's a grade worse than that of the cherry family. However, the sound of the embarrassment is not enough. The small keyboard has a good sound and can improve the accuracy of my input stock code.

By the way, I did not buy the mouse at the owner. As long as 810 yuan, Wannengbao is also the State Bank, without any doubt. Keypad activity 599-120,479 start. The keyboard was originally bought as 649, and now the price of 499 is very valuable.

Headphones and Bluetooth speakers, nothing to introduce, especially headphones, worthy friends must be familiar. Because I have both bought it, I have to talk about experience. This is much better than the new one with noise reduction. No matter if it is the value or the sound quality, the new model will sit on high-speed rail and planes, and after all, there will be noise reduction.

This strange thing is the Samsung mobile phone wireless charger, the mobile phone to take pictures in his hand, can not show. That's right, it's the recently fired Taliban with note7. I know what I said you won't buy. I'll say weakly: This is the best cell phone I've ever used. No one! ! (The state bank should not explode, uh... I hope...)

Finally, it is an entertainment device, PS4+PSVITA+ Bluetooth computer handle, usually sitting in the office, this is my main productivity tool, the inside story, etc. The scheduled PSVR kit arrived, we will say later. (At home there is a set of htc vive, which also made an original one day...)

Well, the above is my first posting of Aunt Zhang. Actually, it is a running account. If you are willing to encourage you, you should still have the second and third articles. In doubt, postings are common explosions. In general there is nothing to discuss, haha.

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