Accumulated forest benefits wins: LED lighting brand will be left in 100 within three years

Accumulated forest benefits wins: LED lighting brand will be left in 100 within three years From July 18 to July 19, the International Symposium on 2012 LED Display and Lighting Systems was held at the Shangri-La Hotel, Futian, Shenzhen. As companies in the industry alone will eventually face the cruel fact of “Greater Evergrande”, this meeting will focus on “integrating key resources and moving toward value innovation” as the main axis to discuss how to integrate the industrial, middle, and downstream industries. The key resources provide advanced companies with a high-quality communication platform. To this end, the Aladdin Lighting News Network reporter conducted in-depth exchanges with the industry's existing difficulties and future development direction and accumulation technology market manager Lin Yisheng.

Status: LED light source is still in the stage of replacement Lin Yisheng first pointed out that at present the LED industry is designed to replace the existing LED fixtures, such as LED bulbs, LED tubes, etc., in order to open the civilian market. These products are direct replacement products and do not make good use of LED characteristics.

In addition, most LED dimming lamps and lanterns adopt SCR dimming at present, this is the most commonly used lighting control method at present, but, when using SCR controller to dimming the LED lamp will produce some problems. SCR dimming is mainly suitable for traditional lighting, so SCR dimming is also a transitional dimming method.

At present, all kinds of venues are using a large number of traditional light sources, and LED light sources must occupy the market. First, we must take the alternative route in order to reduce costs and reduce costs, otherwise large-scale replacement will cause huge waste. Therefore, Lin Yisheng believes that it is inevitable to play an "alternative" role in the development of LED light sources.

Direction: LED lighting products should take a differentiated approach Lin Yisheng emphasizes that LED light sources must be developed. In addition to taking a short-term alternative road, they will eventually develop into a development path with their own characteristics, where they do not rely on the original structure and some new constructions. The venue is the market for such new types of LED lamps. The design of these new types of LED lamps must be able to escape the "alternative" design thinking and create new values ​​based on LED characteristics. From this year's Guangzhou International Lighting Fair, you can also see that intelligence is the future direction of LED development. It is also the right path to go around the characteristics of LEDs.

Lin Yisheng analyzed that currently listed companies in the LED industry must achieve a differentiated development path in order to achieve continuous development. This is also the reason why this seminar gathering has specifically invited Yuan Zongnan, the design director of Lighting Design Office of Yuan Zongnan, to carry out the design analysis and invited Tang Guoqing, general manager of Cree China, to share the innovation of LED technology. Different lighting designs, different LED technology directions will create different values. Lin Yisheng continued his analysis: “The accumulation conference not only hopes that the industry will understand the accumulation of products, but also hopes to share the market trends gained by the accumulation with the industry and help customers create more value. It is also hoped that the participants can understand the entire seminar. The market trend and development direction of each link in the industry chain, so as to find a differentiated competition route."

In the future, according to the direction of intelligent development, it is urgent to achieve breakthroughs in system compatibility and dimming methods in order to increase the added value of products.

Trend: It is estimated that LED lighting brands will face the future development in the future within three years. Lin Yisheng predicts that with the survival of the fittest in the market, the LED lighting industry will encounter a cruel reshuffle in the next three years. Thousands of LED lighting companies will only have about 100 left. The reason for this situation is also that LED will take the smart control road in the future. If SMEs cannot provide differentiated products, they will not find a living space, and will be impacted by companies with strong research and development capabilities and system integration capabilities. Market elimination.

Lin Yisheng explained that the future of LED lighting competition is mostly reflected in the intelligent demand, while intelligent products are not only limited to the "lighting" function, not only changing the light, but communication, sensing, cloud computing, Internet of things. The integration of various modern technologies and the achievement of light is not merely a result of light. This requires manufacturers to have strong technological R&D capabilities and system integration capabilities. The LED lighting industry will face the same reshuffle as the LED display industry of the year.

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