Apple transferred the panel production to Sharp and ordered the TV panel to Sharp.

[High-tech LED News] It is reported that Apple Inc. plans to transfer the production of smart phones "iPhone" and tablet "iPad" to Sharp's Japanese factory, and Apple plans to launch a TV (TV) product panel. The order will also be given to Sharp, which is the fastest and will be sold in mid-2012.

It is understood that Apple's plan to transfer to Sharp is almost always owned by Samsung Electronics, and Apple has purchased the equivalent of $500 million to $1 billion in production equipment and will be imported into a Sharp plant. The plant will also become a dedicated factory for the iPhone/iPad. In addition, in the TV segment, Apple is expected to use the Sharp (soil) factory production line to produce Amorphous TFT LCD panels, and may begin mass production in February 2012.

Galaxy Note8+ 3D Viewerr is called Snap3D. It is a bare-eye VR viewer in phone case shape ,If you cover it on smartphone screen,You can enjoy 3D Movies without VR headset. It's light weight, and easy to carry. You can evjoy 3D movies ,3D games everywhere you go. It`s much better than the traditional heavy VR headset, you will love it! It`s a very good choice for your friends as a gift!

HOW TO USE Galaxy Note8+ 3D Viewer AS A 3D SCREEN

The attached 3D screen on the Snap3D acts like 3D glasses.
To turn your smartphone into a 3D device, you need to first download the [Mplayer3D" application.
Then install the Snap3D on your smartphone screen and run Mplayer3D.

Enjoy the stunning stereoscopic 3D!

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