Application of UAV in Emergency Rescue

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As new technologies are applied to all aspects of today, companies and societies benefit a lot. Of course, the way people handle emergencies has become diverse. Technology has brought us new ways to deal with emergencies and provide new ideas for controlling the disposal of natural and man-made disasters. With the introduction of some policies by the US federal government for the use of drones , drones have become a hot topic of discussion today. The United States has applied drones during President Obama’s tenure. Now Trump takes office and the FAA drone policy seminar will be held as scheduled at the end of March.

Like other technologies, the development of drones is derived from military applications. UAVs have an interesting performance when dealing with emergencies, providing the emergency department with a new way to manage the spread of disasters.

Application of UAV in Emergency Rescue

Drone and aerial photography

In addition to the higher cost, drones and remote control toys are very similar. Designed like a remote-controlled aircraft, the unmanned rack has a small camera that people can use on the ground to continuously shoot with its camera. Operating the drone itself is very interesting and there are a variety of smart applications in dealing with emergencies. Moreover, they provide multi-angle aerial photography for emergencies on the ground, pointing out how to deal with disasters quickly, what equipment and materials are needed, so that the situation can be developed under control.

UAV application in emergency situations

Before the drone is used, the head of the emergency department often needs to obtain information from the field rescuers or from the layers of supervisors to establish the overall situation of the disaster. After the drone is put into use, the chief of the emergency department can use the drone to directly observe the situation described by the rescue personnel on the spot. The use of the head of the emergency department of the drone can understand the safety hazards of the dangerous areas on the site and greatly reduce the possibility of rescuers entering the danger zone and causing injury. In the article published in "Drug Life", Franks Kreis said that drones can also be used by the fire department. The drone can also be used for police patrols and rescue and disaster relief. The drone's own infrared imaging technology can greatly help large-scale disaster relief.

a different perspective

The drone provides a very different perspective for the emergency manager to evaluate all the information about the event. It is a real effort to provide a variety of information for various events. UAVs are a good way to assist rescuers in tasks that are often difficult to accomplish without drones. An old man was rescued by an independently operated drone. He was found by an aerial drone with a ground height of 200 feet (about 70 meters), and the location was provided to the search and rescue team and rescued and finally rescued.

Application of UAV in Emergency Rescue

Drone budget

Although the price of the drone is very expensive, because a lot of necessary equipment needs to be added, the emergency medical, police, and fire departments can consider purchasing the machine in terms of the importance of the functions it can provide. At the scene of the accident, the information that the drone can provide is considerable, and it can save lives in a situation where every second counts.

The application prospects of drones in emergency rescue are very broad. The United States is the same, and it is the same in China.

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