Automatic dispensing system

â–º System Introduction

Weihong dispenser control system is a control system specially designed for automatic dispensers. The system is easy to operate and has high processing efficiency.

â–º System Software Graphical Interface

â–ºSystem Features

Different dispensing speeds and delays are assigned to different paths. This function can set different processing speeds and delays according to different materials to ensure the quality and speed of processing.
Manually control the glue gun Each glue gun corresponds to a control button. You can select any plastic head output manually.

Simultaneously Controlling Multiple Rubber Heads Supporting one T command can set multiple plastic heads, allowing multiple plastic heads to be processed at the same time, improving efficiency. The monochrome head dispenser can support 4 outputs, and the multicolor dispenser can support up to 20 outputs.
Support quick file switching function This function can be used to set the file to be processed through our software and then use the external switch to directly import, save time and improve efficiency.
Rich process parameters configuration

It is free to set the time for opening glue, delaying glue, and closing glue in advance. It can also set the required time effectively based on different materials to ensure the best processing results.
Advancing glue in advance Prevent the glue from overflowing after processing a certain figure. The dispensing machine system specially increases this function. You can control the glue by setting the glue closing distance or time in advance.
Integrated NcEditor
We have integrated NcEditor, a graphics editing software independently developed by Weihong, which has powerful graphic editing capabilities, supports multiple file import formats, captures feature points, aligns multiple objects, and automatically and manually adds bridging points.