Automobile body lighting device and its signal device

In order to ensure safe driving and reliable work, modern vehicles are equipped with various lighting devices and signal devices to illuminate the road, mark the width of the vehicle, the interior of the lighting compartment and the indication of the instrument and night maintenance. In addition, the car should also emit optical and audible signals under conditions such as turning, braking and reversing.

First, the lighting device

(1) Lighting devices installed outside the vehicle body

The headlights are the luminaires that illuminate the road ahead when the car is driving at night. It can emit both high beam and low beam. The high beam is used on the road where no other party is coming, and the car is driven at a higher speed. The high beam should ensure bright and even illumination on the road 100m or more in front of the car.

The low beam is used when driving and when driving on bright roads in the city. When the car is in use, in order to avoid the danger of dazzling the driver coming on the road, the headlights should be able to convert the strong high beam into a low beam with a weak illuminance and a downward beam.

The headlights can be divided into two lamps and four lamps. The former is equipped with a headlight on the left and right sides of the front end of the car; the latter is equipped with two headlights on the left and right sides of the front end of the car. The headlights of the liberation CA1091 are four-lamp headlights.

The headlights are mainly composed of a bulb assembly, a reflector and a light-transmissive glass. A light bulb assembly is a device that converts electrical energy into light energy. The headlights of modern cars use double-wire bulbs. The high beam is located at the focus of the reflector and the low beam is above the focus. A metal mask is placed under the low beam filament, and the lower part of the light is blocked by the mask to prevent the light from being reflected upward and directly illuminating the other driver's driver to cause glare. The shape of the reflector is a paraboloid of revolution, which is used to polymerize the light from the high beam of the bulb into a parallel beam and increase the luminosity by several hundred times. Light transmissive glass is a combination of many lenses and prisms with wrinkles and ribs. When light passes through, the refraction of the lens and prism causes a portion of the beam to refract and disperse on both sides of the car and on the front of the car to illuminate the driver's line of sight.
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