Bid farewell to losing the best - NUT intelligent anti-lost patch (full experience)


Perhaps a lot of friends, like Shabby, often forget where to lose their wallets or keys. They haven’t found a long time to find it. They finally found it on their side, but they couldn’t see it. Sometimes they were really scary. With the development of modern intelligent technology, it may have been saved, and smart anti-lost devices have emerged, but what about portability? How is life? What is the actual anti-drop property? Today we have come to explore the representative of the anti-lost device - NUT intelligent anti-lost patch, to answer everyone's doubts.

Unpacking & Details:

This is the protagonist of today's NUT smart anti-lost patch, you can see from the small box NUT anti-lost film color is very rich.

Through the back of the two-dimensional code download APP for anti-lost operation, support IOS and Android platforms.

Open the package, which is our anti-lost film, small cloth this is white, looking very refreshing, but the long-term use of dirt resistance to be verified.

The following are all the parts, anti-lost tablets (including the battery), also comes with a spare battery, carrying a lanyard, 3M glue, and an instruction manual.

Open the main body can see that there is already a button battery inside.

The thickness of NUT anti-lost patches is slim, the stacking thickness of two one-dollar coins, and the plastic material is light and portable.

The volume is also small, can be used in conjunction with 3M posted in many narrow spaces, do not take up space.

The lanyard can be worn on keys and other objects.

Anti-fouling and scratch-resistance:

With a detergent such as detergent, it will be clean, and the anti-fouling ability is good.

However, due to the thin plastic shell thickness, it is not resistant to metal scratches and scratches on the back.

APP+ function measured:

Anti-lost to achieve the principle: Because the Bluetooth connection and transmission range is short, so once the anti-lost device is too far away from the phone, Bluetooth will automatically disconnect, APP alarm alerts have been reached; if you do not receive an alarm, It can also be based on the last GPS marker before the recorded loss signal.

First of all, download the corresponding APP. Since this Bluetooth device uses a Bluetooth connection, you need to open the Bluetooth mobile phone and open the APP.

Anti-lost, looking for dual mode: free switch

Anti-lost mode:
As the distance between the mobile phone and the anti-loser is longer, the anti-loser signal gradually weakens until it is disconnected and an alarm is given.

Measured: The ability to pass through the wall is generally (Bluetooth attribute is determined), two walls can be received but weak; in barrier-free, more than 5M signal is obviously weak, and after 10M, it will be disconnected and automatic alarm.

Perhaps we will place anti-lost devices in certain confined spaces, such as backpacks, drawers, cabinets, and vehicles. Measuring the short-distance in a confined space does not affect signal strength.

Recovery mode:
1. In the case of a close distance, when the APP signal can be searched: You can click the “Call” button. At this time, the anti-lost device will send a continuous sound to help you find its location.

2. When disconnected, unable to connect APP: Click the last position, search within the range according to the last position marked on the map. In the connection area, the APP will automatically reconnect, and after the APP is connected, the first operation can be performed. Get back.

If you think the default map accuracy is not enough, you can also choose other maps in the phone.

Other humane settings:
Anti-disturbing time, regional settings, this little concern is still in place.

to sum up

1, small size, easy to carry

2, the price is low, can be used with multiple purchases

3、 Disconnected alarm + map positioning function is practical

4, APP features rich, easy to operate


1, the general material

2, positioning accuracy is generally

Although I do not know how much its battery life, but fortunately there is a backup battery available, NUT intelligent anti-lost patch disconnected alarm is very practical and breakpoint map search is very convenient, but the map accuracy is normal; automatic in the search process Reconnect function is also very convenient, although the material is general, but considering it's portability and price, it is worthwhile, like me, it is easy to throw away the "small confused" to buy and use.

Figure/text: Buenos Aires Messi