Cool TV (K upgrade) is not afraid to upgrade failed, Raiders here

Has the upgrade failed? do not be afraid! After so many upgrades, the phenomenon of upgrade failure that people often see is summarized as follows:

1. The English interface suddenly appeared during the upgrade. The performance was as follows:

1) Please select reboot system now, and you can immediately restart the normal viewing (or the original software version after restart);
2) Or, the forum downloads the local package that needs to be upgraded, places the U disk, and selects apply update from external storage, which can be locally upgraded (the software version corresponding to the U disk's local package after the upgrade completes the restart).

2. After the upgrade is complete, "Sorry, cool open and stop running" will pop up. The performance is as follows:

1) Click OK, and quickly enter the TV settings - [color=rgb(68, 68, 68) !important] system settings - restore factory settings
2) If you are still prompted after the restoration, you must perform a strong brush, then the problem has come, how to brush it, unified in the following for everyone to introduce.

3, upgrade black screen, or keep restarting
1) There is no one of the two methods, please select a strong brush, the method described below.

First, the use of strong brush: Cool open TV, K series of applicable movement: 8A13/8A14/8A16
Strong brush method: U disk local upgrade preparation: 1, please pull out all the external devices, SD card and U disk can not be connected to the TV at the same time 2, U disk format is FAT32 format
Disclaimer: The user downloads and installs the system package on his own. If any problem occurs during the use process, the user will have to pay for it.

Operation method:
1, put the current folder aml_autoscript, factory_update_param.aml, uImage_recoveryk1 three files to the U disk root directory
8A13 three files of this brush machine, link: Password: du20
8A16 three files of this brush machine, link: password: bjos
8A14 movement users can choose to save the brick package recovery.

Save brick package download address:
Movement 8A13
Movement 8A14

2. Insert the U disk into the TV (The U disk's Chinese file is shown in Figure 1 below)

Figure 1, please confirm the contents of the U disk and pictures are consistent

3, first cut off the power, and then plug in the power, while holding down the power button on the key board (as shown in Figure 2 below), until the screen lights up and then release (about 35 seconds or so), the middle does not need Any operation, the TV will start automatically after the brush is finished

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