Cooling Tower Safe Operation Online Management System

First, system introduction

The current problem of cooling tower failure has become an important factor affecting the circulating water system and the overall production process. The establishment of a remote control system for cooling tower fault data is a need for cooling tower operation and circulation water management. In the cooling tower operation, sudden accidents such as oil leakage and excessive vibration have caused great harm. Therefore, the remote monitoring terminal of cooling tower operation parameters is used to remotely monitor, analyze, forecast, and timely detect faults in the cooling tower system. Responds quickly to failures, responds quickly, gives decision support in real time and implements automatic monitoring, providing security for the normal operation of the circulating water system and overall production; providing equipment management departments with multi-level information management and decision support measures, taking into account the on-site scheduling and Based on the pre-judgment of fault hidden faults, the safe operation of the circulating water system is realized.

Second, the system principle

The system uses smart meters to collect relevant data from the site. The collected data is sent to the data server through the wireless mode at the site. The application data and data are collected and displayed through the application server and web server.

Third, system advantages

Ø Uninterrupted on-line monitoring throughout the day, regardless of thunderstorms, the data can be continuously collected, allowing continuous data, making enterprises more efficient in the historical analysis and technical optimization of equipment, safety, energy consumption.

Ø All data can be recorded without paper, history is available, and various analysis reports and print formats can be customized according to the needs of customers, making the system more user-friendly and practical.

Ø The real and effective field data brings traceable and measurable standards to the management of government and enterprises, reducing the difficulty of management.

Ø Reduce the impact of the environment on monitoring. Whether it is a toxic or hazardous environment or an obstacle, remote wireless acquisition of signals can be achieved, the difficulty of site inspections can be reduced, and the difficulty of inspection and parameter recording can be improved.

Ø Greatly reduce labor costs. Through the use of this system, personnel's investment is reduced, and fewer people can manage more equipment and security fields.

Ø Implementing preventive measures, the system will scan and judge historical operational data and security alert values. When the critical value is reached, the system will automatically notify the user via SMS, allowing users to deal with equipment and security risks in a timely manner. Do early detection and early processing.

Ø Seamlessly compatible with PLC, DCS and other system signals, allowing customers to achieve the most intelligent management with minimal investment.

Ø Good function expansion makes the system able to adapt to changes in customer needs at any time, so that it can be adjusted and optimized in time, and it can adapt to customer changes.

Ø Encrypted data and multi-layer security protection allow customers to manage their data more securely and reliably without worrying about data being hijacked and cracked.

Fourth, the main function

1, 24-hour dynamic display of each monitoring point data (5 seconds automatically refresh the data)

2, historical data can be traced (record, query, export)

3, abnormal status automatically send SMS notification to the customer (Web page automatically distinguishes the alarm level by color, SMS alarm log)

4. Multiple cooling towers can be managed online

5, when you are tired online

Allows you to freely set up time-related parameters and switch values ​​to make EMC contracts more executable, providing customers with an intuitive understanding of cooling tower hours, power savings and electricity savings