Drug warehouse temperature and humidity automatic monitoring system

1), system software function:
Real-time monitoring of monitoring point data, historical query of abnormal data, query of historical temperature and humidity (viewing can also be divided into monitoring points), audible and visual alarm, SMS alarm, telephone dial-up alarm, real-time curve chart view, history curve check, support EXCEL export and curve chart export functions.
2), powerful equipment:
2 Real-time acquisition of temperature data, the acquisition interval reaches MS level, and the response is fast.
2 The product can track and record the changes of the ambient temperature of the drug refrigerator, cold storage, warehouse, etc.
2 Users can view and analyze data through data management software and archive and print out charts or reports.
2 LCD display, online display temperature, humidity data, clock, alarm and other information, on-site real-time temperature and humidity environment at a glance;
2 digital signal output, the interface has RS485 communication. Can expand a variety of communication methods according to actual needs, such as Ethernet transmission, GPRS transmission;
2 The device number address can be set online. Up to 255 bus addresses can be set. Easy to install, no need to communicate with the computer via software settings.
2 It adopts RJ45 interface network cable connection mode to make the line flexible and easy to maintain.
2 The device itself has a data storage function. When the computer is turned off or the temperature monitoring software is not turned on, the temperature collector still automatically saves the data. If necessary, the temperature monitoring software can be used to download and retrieve the data stored in the device to the computer. The FDA has data requirements every day. (software is not open temperature and humidity data will not be lost)
2 Built-in buzzer alarm function, the user can set the upper and lower limits of the alarm according to actual needs, and at the same time, an external sound and light alarm can be provided as required;
2 The output control function can be expanded as needed;
2 The whole machine adopts lightning protection design and it is not easy to be damaged in places where there are many thunderstorms.
3), support a variety of networking methods:
The system supports various network communication protocols such as wireless network, wired network, and Ethernet network. One or more networking modes can be selected for the site to achieve flexible networking and achieve the optimization, simplicity and practicality of the system architecture.
4) Improve user and authority management:
The system can set different permissions according to the role of the software application to implement software operation management such as partitioning, classification, and sub-function modules.