"Elaborate, sincere hero": Tuman T-Ripple smart watch

The smart watch market is an unsaturated new market. It is also a piece of competitive land that has not yet produced the “strongest”, and is extremely full of unknown possibilities. Since the MOTO 360 started the creation of a smart watch with a round dial, smart watches have not developed to the “founder” shape, but there are still problems such as the bottom black border and the large power consumption.

Tuman Technology, the company's early development of the ink screen watch, received a good response in the market. One year later, Tuman again launched the third generation of watches, and debuted its own operating system called Tomos. The main character of this article is the Tuman T-Ripple smart watch.

In terms of configuration, it can be said that Tuman T-Ripple watch is a great effort, the watch uses a 1.39-inch 400400-pixel AMOLED display, equipped with dual-core processor + ultra-low power Senser HUB, 512MB running memory, 4GB body memory , At the same time support IP67 waterproof, built-in 310mAh battery, has a gyroscope, gravity sensor, electronic compass, heart rate, microphone, speaker and other sensors, support for phone calls and navigation, and can replace the strap, configure a flagship The innate strength of the watch.

Tuman T-Ripple watch color is black and silver, designed as a business sports type, and compatible with Andrews Apple system, currently has a strap leather and stainless steel, T-Ripple watch packaging is a long strip design, India There is a full body rendering of T-Ripple.

The main commercial T-Ripple watch is mainly embodied in three aspects: The first is that in the overall shape, the three generations of Tuman use a round dial design, the painting of all parts of the fuselage is consistent, follow the crown design of traditional watches, Modeling restores the original appearance of traditional business watches as much as possible; the second is in the life, Tuman chooses independent research and development of operating system, the purpose is to ensure the endurance as much as possible, can not install the software program does guarantee the long life of the three generations of Tuman The combination of ability, style and endurance highlights the business selling point of Tuman T-Ripple.

Product accessories are consistent with most smart watches, Tu-man T-Ripple has a host 1 strap 1 data cable 1 charging stand 1 function manual 1 warranty card 1 factory film 2.

Appearance details

In the details of the appearance, Tu-man T-Ripple's display is embedded in the body surrounded by a circle of black metal ring, if the watch hits a hard object is the first contact with this ring of metal, the screen is protected to avoid the draw Marks, compared to the right side of a bracelet with a parallel screen, Tucman T-Ripple watch screen embedded design has a very large protection.

This finely polished, angular metal ring produces a round polished luster in the light, highlighting the exquisite craftsmanship design, and wearing a somewhat “shiny” watch between public and public occasions, echoing the positioning of a business watch.

Since some meters 4 use "austenitic 304 stainless steel" as the fuselage frame, how many people suddenly realized: stainless steel is also classified? The Tuman T-Ripple watch body uses 316L stainless steel, mainly used in the food industry, surgical equipment, equipment in coastal areas, etc., 316L higher than the 304 level, with better corrosion resistance but the price is higher, 316L Stainless steel withstands the sun.

The design of the fuselage design emphasizes the symmetry between the upper and lower sides, and the symmetry processing of the arc between the upper and lower sides makes the style of the Tuman T-Ripple much more classic and traditional than the smart watches on the market. This has to mention the black version of T-Ripple. There is no silver version of fashion so wild, male and female can be universal silver version, black version is biased towards calm men.

Tuman T-Ripple's crown at 2 o'clock in the fuselage, the crown can be twisted to press the design, but also is the only place where a laser engraved brand LOGO, feel very crisp and comfortable, not like the phone power button The loose feeling of collapse, do not choose the center and choose 60 degrees position to let the interactive experience to a higher level, the function of the crown only uses the "press" to switch machine and restart, "twist" is no corresponding function, The opening above the crown is the body microphone.

On the side of the Tuman T-Ripple watch, we noticed a clear “three-stage design”: the metal guard ring + stainless steel body + metal back, with a body thickness of 12.8mm, the whole watch has reached a sense of design or wear The beauty of hand-made products, as a domestic watch is no less than the level of the international first-line technology.

Looking at the back of the Tuman T-Ripple watch, obviously the flexible cutting process here, the surface on the close-up hand is only a small area, which guarantees a sense of wearing, but also brings a thinner body, The layout is consistent with most smart watches: covering the speakers, optical heart rate sensors, charging contacts and a row of English, back of the metal material used to eliminate the accumulation of hand sweat.

The charging method adopts the adsorption type, and the data line interface uses the Micro-USB interface. Although the current Type-C interface on the mobile phone is not used, this does not affect the charging speed. The author will charge the Tuman T-Ripple. The data on this point proves this.

Tomoon strap

The watch has always been a necessity for watches, but the practice of giving special meaning to the watch was the first time it was seen. Each row of Tuman T-Ripple strap has a line number of “384401”. This line number is not a strap identification code, but it means the distance from the earth to the moon, echoing the Toman brand of Tuman.

Tuman T-Ripple strap is retro-style stitch leather, a total of 10 openings, leather strap soft docile is not easy to cause allergic reactions, but the use of a long time will also produce folds, but fortunately The design of the detachable strap, the replacement of the new strap can solve the wrinkles of the distress, and recently just launched a stainless steel strap.

The design of the strap can be freely rotated and will not be easily damaged to the strap connection. The type of the buckle is the watch pin, which is one of the most common buckles. It can be worn with one hand.

Screen performance

The T-Ripple watch has no black border at the bottom. The screen resolution is 400400, which is higher than that of the MOTO 360 II and Apple watch. The 1.39 inch 286 PPI is close to the feature of the "retina screen". It shows fine granularity without AMOLED. The screen "colorful" features, color saturation and exquisite sense of no less than the display technology on the smart phone, the screen display is quite good with the strength of the flagship watch.

Adding the display technology of a fairly mobile phone within a limited screen area is of particular importance to the issue of viewing angle and light leakage. The T-Ripple watch can be easily seen from the four angles. The T-Ripple watch does not leak light or overflow under the black environment. The AMOLED display meets the characteristics.


How to solve the problem that the watch easily touches water? Tuman T-Ripple watches are IP67 rated for use in waterproof grades. There is no need to worry too much about daily contact with the rain in the hands, because the body metal is made of stainless steel and it prevents the rust. , IP67 waterproof to join T-Ripple watch daily experience is basically perfect.

System solutions

Smartwatch has the value and configuration, while the most noteworthy is the operating system, Tuman T-Ripple in the system uses an independent research and development of Tomos, such as the replacement of the dial, view the weather, calendar, alarm clock, and a series of must The standby functions are added. Six scenes are added in the system to meet the functional requirements, and an always on power scheme is proposed to allow the T-Ripple watch to experience perfect and continuous power saving.

The biggest difference between a smart watch and a traditional watch is the “replacement of the dial”. Changing the dial is a mood adjustment that is a quality pursuit. The dial of the Tuman T-Ripple watch is pre-installed with "19 dials", covering business, simple, retro, sports, text, etc., a style biased towards the adult world. The richness of the dial design is quite full: for example, part of the dial It will change day and night over time, dials of Arabic numerals and Roman numerals, women's purple rhyme, classic ultimate dials, and custom wallpapers added to the last dial.

T-Ripple's dial will not be limited to this "19 styles", the watch firmware will regularly update the next dial will be added to the new type, the current Tuman Technology and UI China cooperation, carried out a dial design contest, in the Web page indeed see Many beautiful T-Ripple dials are available, and future masters will be promoted.

How does a watch make a smart experience? Tuman's approach is to create six scenarios for the user to create: "health scenes, entertainment scenes, financial scenes, work scenes, expression scenes and out scenes", all the top of the scene shows "current time", do watch back Some user needs. Health scene: Based on the common "step count, sedentary reminder" based on the "self-rated heart rate" function, with the back of the optical heart rate sensor to measure the user's specific heart rate, real-time control of their physical activity.

The significance of the existence of smart watches can be summed up as "to simplify and simplify the phone," and the "entertainment scene and financial scene" of the Tomman Tomos operating system fully realizes this significance. Entertainment scene: The main function is to remotely control the mobile phone to play music. The sharing button provided in the scene can be synchronized to the APP expression circle, eliminating the inconvenience of using a smart watch, and the convenience between the tentacles.

It is difficult to free up two hands to see the real-time changes in the stock market between the crowded subway buses. To solve the similar “inconvenience” situation, Tomos deliberately added to the system to be closer to business and convenience. "Financial scenario" and in-depth cooperation with "Guotai Junan" can be directly purchased for the use of Tu-man's users to launch financial management. The top of the interface depends on the time display, while checking the stock index while reviewing the time to understand the financial products, the three correct.

At the same time, the T-Ripple watch was equipped with a microphone and set a "work scene" mode in the scene selection. In short, this scenario is: the user selects the date + system to capture the recording, so as to achieve the "memory" role, T - The memo function of the Ripple watch is more convenient than ordinary mobile phone software. Tomos's work scene does not contain too much complicated content or advertisements. It is purely for “memory setting”. The advantages of the Tomos system are high efficiency, convenience and practicality. .

Referring to the "expression scene" of the Tomos system, it is necessary to say that the mobile phone APP that is associated with the T-Ripple watch is called "Expression". In this mobile phone app, the T-Ripple watch can be operated and upgraded, and of course, social networking is not overlooked. The function, the "expression circle" in the APP, is like a circle of friends and can send out some small things of life.

The “expression scene” in the watch is the docking of the APP social field. The user can use the T-Ripple watch to talk with the friends in the APP, and the second is to look at the “expression circle” message that Tuman users have newly issued. Sometimes this scene is used. The frequency is not very high, but it is really Turman Technology's performance to perfect the user's needs.

When I first used the "go out scene" of the Tomos system, I was a bit surprised because my mobile phone did not come pre-installed with "navigation software." After clicking on a movie theater targeted by Tomoman Tomos, the phone really started voice navigation. The “outside scene” is different from general navigation software in that it directly selects nearby “cinema, food, and entertainment” venues, covers a fairly comprehensive range of venues, and experiences the special uses brought by smart watches.

Functional details

"Can call and send text messages." In the old adage of the phrase, it explains the details of Tomos's function. The Tuman T-Ripple watch can directly make and receive calls, and I like the watch to answer. This can be very convenient. Hear new calls, plus waterproof performance can continue to answer when taking a shower, but also do not have to wipe the screen perspiration, this is very convenient and practical!

Replying to SMS is also possible with the T-Ripple watch, but unfortunately I can't enter text. I can only choose to reply with a few sentences that I have sent. Fortunately, a few words express the meaning of “being busy at the moment”. The function of the reply function is more to use when busy.

Then in QQ, WeChat hangs up in the background for a long time, waiting for the moment is a "message prompt", Tucman Tomos system uses a "vibration and sound" approach, in the screen shows the new message content, wearing the user will not miss important The news reminded.

In the era of intelligent interaction, many people rely on everyday functions such as weather, calendars, computers, and tape recorders, but they can't get out their mobile phones while they work or during class. The Tomos system's setting plan is to use these The day-to-day functions are organized in a large page, which is regarded as a fully functional Turman watch.

Life test

T-Ripple watch equipped with: 310mAh battery capacity

The Tuman T-Ripple watch is the first device in China to incorporate the XBurst CPU core. The XBurst CPU is an embedded microprocessor developed by Junzhengxin. The feature is high performance, low power consumption and power saving, and it is exclusively developed by Tucman. The Tomos operating system brings power savings that are better than those of ordinary smart watches, and the data is then measured.

Test environment: After the watch is fully consumed, test the charging rate of 0-100% battery

The test results in the figure show (1A charging head), T-Ripple watch 0-100% battery charge time period of about 80 minutes, of which 10% charge to 10%, 50 minutes have been charged to 40%, after It is already full of 70% in 60 minutes, and finally it will be fully charged in about 83 minutes. The charging speed will not be too slow.

Test environment: 7 hours standby power consumption under 100% power, test standby capability

After all, smart watches have good endurance in exchange for real "convenience", so standby power consumption is also a test of the system's life cycle. The 7 hours in the test environment is almost a sleep. The T-Ripple watch obtained after the author's 7-hour standby test: a total of 2% of power was consumed in standby for 1 hour, 3% of power was spent in standby for 3 hours, and 4% of power was consumed after 7 hours of time. From this, T - The Ripple watch is excellent enough in standby ability. The Tomos system avoids the inadvertent loss of power during the 7-hour standby test.

Test environment: 100% battery power usage within 1 hour, test power consumption

Because of the limitation of the volume, smart watches can not carry large capacity, so the power consumption of most smart watches on the market is not optimistic, and even some smart watches can be used heavily. Subsequently, the author conducted daily use tests on the T-Ripple watches, including "replacement of dials, viewing of stock indexes, viewing of weather, and constant bright-screen use such as telephone calls." After 1 hour of maximum brightness, the Tu-man T-Ripple watches consumed 18 % of electricity, with strong standby capacity, conservative estimates of non-severe use can be competent "two days a charge."

The power saving mode of the Tomos system is another key to improving life.

When it comes to the "power saving mode" of smart watches, it is nothing new. The system of the Tuman T-Ripple watch also adds this function. This function is to slightly lower the CPU frequency of the watch, turn off the wrist light screen, and start the watch. The default dial, in order to achieve low power consumption of the watch to achieve energy-saving effect.


In this Tuman T-Ripple watch experience, the business position of the watch is quite clear, for example, the shape of the use of mature embedded technology and the traditional business watch body symmetrical processing, the scene scenario has two major scenes point to the business community, not Difficult to find even if the men are most concerned about the "configuration problem" Tuman T-Ripple are also struggling to do the top configuration, such as the retina screen and the domestic first XBurst CPU core mobile devices, business positioning and high performance whether it is To man or It is To girl that is enough to satisfy our experience with smart watches.

And I think that the biggest highlight of the Tuman T-Ripple watch is enough power! Even if a smart watch function is very powerful, the most important thing is to have sufficient good endurance, and to be able to save power in terms of functional enrichment and optimization. Both have to have a good association with the user experience. Man T-Ripple watches have achieved these two, six scenes, make calls, daily use features, extremely fast charging speed and significant standby optimization, so that do not have to frequently remove the watch charging and frequent operation of mobile phones, these convenience Already a satisfactory answer for this smart watch.

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