FDC and Universal Display collaborate to develop flexible OLED displays

The Flexible Display Research Center (FDC) and Universal Display Corporation of Arizona State University announced the launch of the first a-Si:H active matrix flexibility that will be produced directly on DuPont Teijin's polyethylene terephthalate (PEN) substrate. Organic light emitting diode (OLED) display.

The 4.1-inch monochrome 1/4 video graphics array (QVGA) display uses Universal Display Corporation's Phosphorescent Organic Light Emitting Diode (PHOLED) technology and materials, as well as FDC's proprietary adhesion-debonding technology. Flexible organic light-emitting diodes are an important milestone in the manufacture of solutions.

Flexible LEDs are primarily designed for military and commercial applications that require a more durable display. Through Universal Display's phosphorescent organic light-emitting diode technology and materials, the new display is able to enjoy the same brightness as traditional displays at very low power consumption. Other technical advantages include lower operating temperatures due to less thermal energy, easier drive, longer battery life, and more stable transistors.

This flexible backplane display was fabricated using a 180 °C thin film transistor process at the Flexible Display Research Center. The Flexible Display Research Center's equipment produces flexible displays using traditional flat panel display processes and semiconductor tools, and patented bond-debond technology ensures that the plastic matrix acts as a solid medium during the manufacturing process.

Universal Display's phosphorescent organic light-emitting diode frontplane integration is a key technology for flexible organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). And traditional fluorescent organic light-emitting diodes can only convert 25% of the electrical energy into light energy. The phosphorescent organic light-emitting diode material enables the light-emitting diode to convert 100% of the electrical energy into light energy, providing up to 4 times the energy. effectiveness.

Universal Display's front panel for its phosphor-optic OLEDs incorporates FDC's specially designed backplane to produce displays.

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