Hailipu inverter constant pressure water supply application case

Constant pressure water supply equipment features:

1. Automatic isolation valve or throttling device (optional): It is used to isolate the municipal water source and can set the operating pressure arbitrarily. When the pressure of the municipal water source is lower than this value, the isolation device moves and switches to the water source tank or the pressure pool. Water supply. It may also be considered to use an inexpensive throttling device instead of an isolation valve to limit the maximum influent flow, and the lack of water supply is compensated by the water source tank.

2. Water source tank: The entire volume of the tank is filled with water during the operation of the feed water. Because there is no compressed air storage energy, the buffer effect on various impacts and the dynamic compensation effect on the municipal water source are not as good as the buffer tank. However, when the pressure of the municipal water source is too low and the outlet (water supply) of the water source tank is greater than the water intake, the storage volume of the tank can be used to compensate for the lack of municipal water supply. When the water source tank provides the compensation water volume, the vacuum suppressor will make the air enter the tank body automatically, which can avoid the negative pressure suction effect on the high-lower pipe network (so-called no negative pressure and no suction stroke). Water tanks can only be used in series in the water inlet line.

3. Pressure-bearing water tanks: Generally reinforced concrete structures, which have the same working principle as water source tanks. Because of their large volume, they have good peak-shaving and valley-filling functions for municipal water supply and are applicable to various municipal water sources throughout the country. When the municipal water supply pipe network stops water for some reason, it can provide the water supply source for a certain period of time from the pressure-bearing pool, which is suitable for the occasion where customers require high reliable water supply.

4. Pump unit: If the company has a non-overload pump, its operating characteristics can be adapted to the pressure changes in a large range of municipal water sources without overloading.

5. Pressure tank: Its function is the same as the pressure tank in the normal 2 times pressurization water supply equipment. The standard product design adopts the diaphragm micro pressure tank, which mainly uses its pressure keeping function, which is conducive to the intelligent automatic energy-saving control of the equipment.

6. Frequency conversion control cabinet: It is possible to adopt the full frequency conversion technology solution, that is, all pumps are equipped with variable frequency drive, and some frequency conversion technology solutions can also be adopted (only one pump is driven by variable frequency speed control).

7, by-pass pipeline: If the municipal supply level meets the water and gas requirements, the pressure is only insufficient at the peak of the water supply, bypass pipeline can be loaded, so that municipal direct water supply and pressurized water supply automatically switch operation. In the non-fire state, the fire-fighting automatic inspection and control equipment composed of TH-F series automatic patrol complete sets of water supply equipment can be used for automatic inspection and operation of the fire pump. The automatic inspection cycle is optional from hours to hundreds of hours. The cycle clock automatically starts the inspection program and has a manual inspection function. During the inspection, the digital intelligent fire inspection controller will test and confirm the main circuit of the fire control cabinet, and then drive the fire pump one by one to make it operate at a low speed. At this time, the driving power is very small, about the percentage of the rated power of the pump motor. Approximately one, so energy savings are significant. Due to the low speed, the water supply network is not pressurized.

Applications ● Domestic water supply for ordinary residential buildings, commercial and residential buildings, and residential communities.
● Domestic water supply for high-rise buildings, high-end hotels and restaurants.
● Domestic water supply for buildings, office buildings, clubs and other buildings.
● Various types of water plants and water pressure pumping stations.
● Industrial and mining enterprises' production, domestic water supply and constant pressure supply process water.
● Hot water supply systems or hot water heating systems in living quarters, high-rise buildings, etc.
● Various types of circulating water and cooling water supply systems.
● Deep water well (deep well pump, submersible pump) constant pressure water supply system.
● Automatic water supply system for sewage treatment plants and drainage stations.
● Petroleum, chemical and other industries transport oil and liquid systems containing acids and alkalis.

● Adopt high-performance frequency conversion governor, equipped with advanced microcomputer control technology, set pressure as needed, and automatically adjust the speed of water pump according to the change of water consumption to achieve energy-saving water supply.
● The microcomputer can control each pump to run at variable frequency, multiple pumps can be cycled and soft-started, and the pipe network and power grid can have no impact, prolonging the service life of the equipment.
● Fully automatic operation, no need to be on duty, multiple pumps automatically replenish pumps and reduce pumps according to changes in water consumption, and automatically exchange at regular intervals; adopts patented technology of low flow stoppage and pressure keeping, with little or no water at night It will automatically stop and maintain pressure, further save energy, and automatically start up when the water consumption increases.
● How to start the device:
(1) Automatic start (2) Manual start (3) Timed auto start ● All operating data can be changed by on-site commissioning parameters.
● There are multiple sets of water level control interfaces, which can control several water level signals at the same time, and have ultra-low water level to stop the pump function.
● full protection function. Overload protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, phase loss protection, undervoltage protection, overheat protection, fault alarm and many other protection functions.

● The water supply equipment is equipped with a buffer, so that in addition to the buffering effect, the service life of the equipment is greatly extended.

Frequency conversion water supply controller principle:

1, the frequency conversion water supply controller pump near the water inlet and the voltage regulator connected, monitoring and control of the computer at any time to monitor the pressure regulator compensator, by controlling the negative pressure relief pressure regulator to stabilize the pressure regulator and water pressure near the water, Make it not produce negative pressure, thus guarantee the normal water supply of the water pipe network.

2. Frequency conversion water supply controller When the pressure of tap water is lower than the pressure required by the user, the monitoring and control microcomputer automatically controls the frequency conversion soft start of the pressurized water pump until the actual pressure of the outlet manifold of the variable frequency water supply controller is equal to the set user pressure. The monitoring and control microcomputer controls the constant pressure operation of the pressurized frequency conversion water supply controller to keep the actual pressure the same as the set user pressure. The higher the pressure of the tap water, the lower the rotational speed of the variable frequency water supply controller, the lower the pressure of the tap water, the higher the rotational speed of the pressurized frequency conversion water supply controller, and when the pressure of the tap water is equal to the set user pressure, the frequency conversion water supply controller Just stop working. That is, on the basis of energy conservation of traditional frequency conversion water supply, the original pressure of the water pipe network is fully utilized, how much is worse, and how much is supplemented, and further energy conservation is achieved.

3, frequency conversion water supply controller tap water, the frequency conversion water supply controller automatically stops, the water automatically starts, power failure to restore tap water normal pressure water supply.