Import function of PADS LOGIC

Open the import dialog box of the PCB design software PADS LOGIC, click on "File Type" and you will see the file types that can be imported as shown. Although this is outdated, it still feels much better than powerpcb. Basically, you can import the schematic diagram of the more popular schematic design software.

An ASCII Files (*.txt)

This is mainly used for conversion between different versions of PADS LOGIC.

Two OLE Files (*.ole)

This is rarely used, and it is similar to inserting objects in WORD. This feature is used more in Orcad.

Three ECO Files (*.eco)

Importing engineering change files, in the case of drawing schematics with ORCAD and PCBs with PADS LAYOUT, this function is necessary.

Four PADS Layout Rule (*.asc)

There is a feature for importing technical documentation in Allegro, here is the introduction of some rules of PADS LAYOUT. Let's take a look at PADS.

Mentor Graphics PADS9. Advanced PCB board advanced, rule-driven design tools! Mentor Graphics' new products, from Power pcb 5.0 to the best EDA software!

In terms of interface, Mentor Graphics PADS9 interface has changed a lot, and also added the left side navigation box, PCB LAYOUT to find components, find the network can be as intuitive as PROTEL.

The PADS EDA system developed by PADS Software Inc. (now acquired by Mentor Graphics), a leader in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design tools, includes PADSLogic, PADSLAYOUT, PADSROUTER, CAM350, and HyperLynx.

Mentor Graphics has introduced a new circuit design solution, PADS9. Includes powerful printed board layout and simulation tools, and an interactive design environment.

Schematic: Changed from original PowerLogic to PADS logic (formerly PowerLogic)

PCB: changed from the original PowerPCB to PADS Layout (formerly PowerPCB)

Router: changed from the original BlazeRouter to PADS Router

The emulator has not changed its name, or the version of HyperLynx. is updated, it has reached 8.0.

Mentor's PADS design improves design efficiency, optimizes performance and manufacturing. PADS also extends the capabilities of PADS logic to accelerate the capture, viewing and analysis of wiring diagrams, making the use of the entire PADS process easier. PADS is a Windows-based PCB design solution.

PADS offers two options for PADS logic. PADS Logic PDF can be created in the format of a standard PDA. Users without PADS logic can also view and share the roadmap, which improves the portability and accessibility of the design while protecting the design from being arbitrarily changed. All information is available in PDF format and is more readable, tracking the network with hyperlinks throughout the design. PADS SPICEnet provides a connection between PADS logic and industry standard SPICE programs.

Other new features include floating connections designed to organize according to designer preferences, automatically connecting components and components or components and networks to accelerate integration of components and designs. Truetype fonts are supported for both PADS logic and PADS cabling to improve the readability of the design screen. It also supports international fonts such as Chinese fonts.

PADS Layout (PowerPCB) is the ultimate choice for complex, high-speed printed circuit boards. It is a powerful shape-based, rules-driven place and route design solution that uses automated and interactive routing methods with advanced target connectivity and embedding (OLE) automation. Functional, organically integrated front and rear design tools, including final testing, preparation and manufacturing processes.

PADS Layout (PowerPCB) supports Microsoft's standard programming interface, combined with an automated approach, using a Visual Basic program and Object Linking and Embedding. These standard interface interfaces make connection to other Windows-based complementary design tools more convenient and efficient. It also makes it easy to customize your design tools and processes.

To speed up your product design and manufacturing process and maintain design integrity, PADS Layout (PowerPCB) also includes the following features:

Intelligent attribute definition and control

Shape-based full-automatic wiring

Prohibited areas (Keepouts) and cuttings (cutouts)

Lock/protect wire

Ensuring data integrity throughout the design process is essential, which is why PADS Layout (PowerPCB) includes many advanced property definition features that will ensure the accuracy of your data throughout the design process.

PADS Layout (PowerPCB) provides CAM-capable output for DirectCAM, drill data and Gerber data, as well as other standard data exchange formats. DirectCAM output avoids the need to read Gerber files into the CAM system. Save your time and avoid possible errors and misunderstandings about the data.

For constrained design, PADS Layout (PowerPCB) has keepouts and cutouts that allow you to define mechanically prohibited areas to ensure that the PCB meets the hardware assembly requirements. In addition, with the PADS Layout (PowerPCB) lock/protect wire function, you can lock or protect the wires of your cloth, or some of the wires, or not be re-routed.

PADS Layout (PowerPCB) contains many advanced features and features, all of which can be integrated organically in your design process to ensure that your design is of higher quality and does not miss the time to market. . Each PADS Layout (PowerPCB) software includes a PADS Router (formerly BlazeRouter).

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