[Ke Ming at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Topic 3] High-power energy-saving lamps, the development direction of low-power energy-saving lamps

Manager Wang Ning accepted Sohu's interview with the development direction of energy-saving lamps to become the focus of discussion at this year's Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. The development of energy-saving lamps in the Chinese market has become a natural division of high power and low power. What is the direction and trend of such products?
In response to this question, Manager Wang Ning of Sales Department of Keming accepted an interview with Sohu.
First talk about high-power energy-saving lamps, because most of the high-power energy-saving lamps are used in industrial lighting and outdoor environments, so the performance of applications that are more suitable for this environment will become more prominent next. 1, anti-shock, anti-dust, anti-fog is the requirements of high-power application environment, Keming launched a technological innovation in the leading industry for this requirement, the strength of the plastic shell is increased, adding ballast dipping process Prevent fog and dust. 2, high power factor, become the industry's future standard.
The future development direction of low-power energy-saving lamps: 1, the volume is getting smaller and smaller, using SMT patch technology becomes the trend; 2, T2 lamp's high luminous efficiency and lumen maintenance rate is 85% is the new height; 3, using 4200K color temperature To create a more comfortable light environment is the focus of guidance.
As the current most popular product, energy-saving lamps have a lot of space for their life cycle and vitality.
Manager Wang Ning said that Keming's position is to create "China's high-quality energy-saving lamps." Editor: China Lighting Network amy

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