LED commercial market has huge capacity

After a full year of preparations in 2008, Zhang Chaowei, chairman of Minsheng Lighting, finally “handed out” in 2009, and entered the first floor of Times Square in Dengdu with the brand of “ambient LED lighting”. The layout is based on LED commercial photos and LED home lighting is In addition, in the squares of crystal lamps, modern lamps, and European lamps, the “pure LED market” is quite “alternative”. "In my opinion, the current LED business photo does not say to replace the traditional business photos, even if the existing market share, both can not be the same. But I dare to invest so big to do LED business, because it is very convinced of its Prospects." Zhang Dong’s answer was categorical.
This year, the slogan of Shangma LED Commercial Photographs is very happy among lighting companies, but technical bottlenecks such as heat dissipation, light decay, color temperature and color development are still plagued. The cost of products with good quality is still high, and the market accepts a large area. There are still no breakthroughs in the constraints of time and other issues. In addition to a handful of multinational groups, such as Philips, Osram and other giants rely on brand and technology advantages, stable in the high-end market, low-end workshops, and maintain a basic life at low prices, most other companies involved in LED business licenses are not It’s not warm, it’s the inertia, it’s quite a bit high.
LED commercial photo market capacity is huge In the commercial building environment, there is a lot of energy saving opportunities in a single lighting. The advantages of high efficiency, long service life and low maintenance cost are undoubtedly concentrated in the lighting of solid-state light sources, and the most important one is LED. In the past two years, the number of LED commercial photos on the market has shown double-digit growth, especially in fixed-position applications such as architectural lighting.
In 2006, China's LED production value was 14 billion yuan. In 2008, the application market scale reached 54 billion yuan. It is estimated that by 2010, the domestic LED industry will exceed 100 billion yuan. Among them, the market size of lighting lamps is 25.4 billion US dollars, and the market size of lighting equipment/devices is 106.6 billion US dollars. Commercial lighting accounts for 43% of the global total lighting market, with the highest proportion. The total use of retail, office buildings, warehousing, and education buildings accounts for 70% of the total commercial lighting market.

The age is not big but it grows very fast. As early as 2000 years ago, LED business photos have appeared in Europe and the United States. Many manufacturers in the high-tech development zones in Guangzhou and Shenzhen have started production. At that time, the main target was the high-end customer base, which was expensive. Zou Yongpan, manager of the commercial lighting division of Auxos, worked for a foreign-invested light source enterprise in Shenzhen Nanshan High-tech Zone. According to the introduction, the average LED commercial price of the company in 2002 was 50 US dollars. "At that time, the technology was still immature, and the high-powered 40-50 lumens per watt was quite good, but now it can achieve 120 lumens per watt, even with the latest materials, even close to 200 lumens / watt. ”
The self-developed and gradually developed LED commercial private enterprises started late, only appeared slowly in 2004, and mainly focused on low-power light sources. By 2006 and 2007, LED business photos were in the exploration period, and the pace was still relatively slow. Due to the immaturity of the market and technology, we have been afraid to move forward. In the global financial crisis of 2008, when most categories of Chinese lighting lighting were chilling in the cold, the national macro policy changed in time, and all efforts were made to promote energy conservation and emission reduction. To support the high-tech industry, LED business photos as emerging children, not only have not been negatively affected, but also can not help but say that the financial winter has become a burst of spring and wind, moisturizing its rapid development, at least in the manufacturers' technical bottlenecks and terminal consumption. Received great benefits on the level of acceptance. In 2009, LED business photos finally ushered in the application promotion period of the market, and the new companies with sensitive sense and dare to be the first to launch, although most manufacturers only use it as a “nutrition supplement” of the traditional commercial product line instead of the main product. .

The greater significance is also to create a better light efficiency atmosphere. With the upgrading and continuous influx of Western business concepts, domestic mall owners have produced more detailed and sophisticated needs for lighting design and energy-saving commercial products. Creating a better light-effect environment is an important part of LED business photography.
In the basic spirit of advanced commercial lighting, commercial shops mostly reduce the illuminance of the environment, and then apply key lighting to highlight the characteristics and aesthetics of the product itself, avoiding too many light sources to blur the focus of the field. For this reason, LED lighting fixtures with rich color rendering and strong layering can be fully utilized in the expression of the environment. The artistic combination of optical images has undergone tremendous changes in the design of shops, providing a dazzling image display effect for commercial lighting, allowing customers to have direct purchase desires.
It is precisely because of this particularity of LED commercial products that although the application in commercial shops has not been widely popularized, it has already had a tipping point for its market attention. Zou Yongpan, manager of the business unit of Auxos, said: "At present, the color rendering index of good LED lamps can reach more than 90, which is mainly suitable for lighting in kitchens, commodity counters, hospital operating tables, etc. In addition, LEDs are small in size and can reach the current size. The millimeter level enables the LED luminaire to achieve the effect of seeing no light. The LED light source can also utilize the red, green and basket basic color principles, and under the control of computer technology, the three colors have 256 gray levels and can be randomly mixed to generate 256*256*256=16777216 colors, forming a combination of different light colors."
For many lighting companies, the technology of light source and electrical has always been its core advantage, but it has been stagnant in terms of soft power such as design and light effect experience, or it has not paid much attention to “getting too far”. In fact, the design and development of LED commercial products, lighting companies to fully consider the factors, such as heat dissipation, brightness, illumination, glare, color rendering and other issues need to be resolved. If the glare problem is solved from an optical point of view, it will cause insufficient illumination. At present, LED commercial products need to pay more energy in technology research and development, and accept the more severe test of the market.

LED "business" three "start" three "fall"
1. The power factor is gradually increased Considering the application, sales volume and price of lighting places, more and more lighting companies all claim to produce high-power LED products when they are publicized, but in fact it does not mean that the single one exceeds 1W. The chip is a high power LED. To measure the difference between high-power LEDs and low-power LED products, the most important thing is whether the wafer is more than 1W.
2. Brand companies have become famous for their professional brands that have gradually risen in traditional business licenses. However, companies involved in LED business photos are still stuck in research and development products and development channels, and brand building still takes time. But this is only a matter of time. With the market recognition of LED commercials, the rise of brands in some companies is also expected.
3, the performance of light effect is enhanced
The advantages of LED commercial color development will make the lighting design of domestic commercial shops abandon the existing misunderstanding of “brighter and better”, and actively rely on light to make their store design different and seek differentiated survival. Guide their customers to focus on the merchandise by creating a good shopping atmosphere.
1. Research and development costs continue to decrease
The core technology of LED is LED chip technology, and LED chip technology has a term protection in patents. Lighting companies have to add a lot of patent cost in production, and the production cost is high. Once the patent protection of LED chip technology expires, it is a happy event for manufacturers. The products can be further reduced in production cost through large-scale production, which is conducive to the popularization of LED products.
2, the application environment is more and more popular In fact, the concept of LED business has become blurred, some products are no longer limited to high-end commercial places, even some homes are slowly applied, such as downlights, spotlights and so on.
3, the channel gradually close to the traditional business photo The current promotion of LED commercial lighting mainly relies on the traditional commercial lighting channel mode of the enterprise, and gradually close together. Of course, in view of the LED lighting business, it will pay more attention to the in-depth cooperation with designers and public dress companies.

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