LED display tender notice

Title: LED Display Tender Notice Tender No.: GW2009-233C Announcement Date: June 15, 2009 Deadline: July 2, 2009 Tendering Agency: Tongan No. 1 Middle School, Fujian Province: Fujian-Xiamen City Content : Procurement item number / package number: GW2009-233C?

Purchaser's name, address and contact information: Tong'an First Middle School, Fujian Province?

Procurement agency name, address and contact information: Xiamen City Public Goods Purchasing Bidding Co., Ltd.?

Purchasing project name: LED display?

Source: City level?

Procurement method: Open tendering?

The main content of the project (use, quantity, brief technical requirements, nature of the bidding project): Outdoor full color screen, outdoor double primary color screen and installation. ?

Supplier Qualification Requirements: Bidders should have independent legal personality and have the legal conditions to participate in government procurement activities. Other details see the bidding documents?

Time, place and method of obtaining procurement documents: Time for registration, consultation and sale of bidding documents: working hours from now until the deadline for bidding (except holidays)
The third floor of Huihao Center, No.43 Meihu Road, Xiamen City, the opening desk of the company: Xiamen Agricultural Bank Non-mine branch, account number,
Receiving unit: Xiamen Public Goods Purchasing Bidding Co., Ltd. ?

Purchase document price: RMB 100, EMS fee: 50 yuan / set?

Deadline for bid submission, time for bid opening: 2009-07-02 9:30?

Bid Opening Location: Xiamen Public Property Purchasing Bidding Co., Ltd. Bid Opening Hall (3rd Floor) Company Name: Xiamen Public Goods Purchasing Bidding Co., Ltd. Contact: Mr. Lin Tel: 0592-2279302, 2233020 E-mail: Fax: 0592-2225703 Postal Code: 361004 Address: 3/F, Huihao Center, 43 Meihu Road, Xiamen

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