LED screen plus heart rate detection millet bracelet 2 use evaluation

On June 7, Xiaomi Bracelet 2 was released on multiple platforms and became one of the products snapped up by rice noodles. From July 2014, the first generation of millet bracelets debuted and has been going through for nearly two years. Although the light version was introduced in the middle, the appearance and function did not change much, and only the heart rate monitoring function was added. Millet Bracelet 2 has undergone a major upgrade compared to its predecessor. The main difference is the addition of LED screens. The editor had the privilege of getting the millet bracelet 2 for the first time. After a few days of use, he launched the millet bracelet 2 to use the evaluation.

Millet bracelet 2 most intuitive upgrade to increase an LED display, you can more intuitive display time, steps, heart rate. Millet bracelet 2 provides a heart rate sensor to detect heart rate. Compared with the previous generation of millet wristbands, the use of functions is simpler and more intuitive, and it is no longer necessary to understand some sports-related data through the mobile phone.

Millet bracelet with screen 2 to see more convenient time

Millet Bracelet 2 host rice is slightly larger than the previous generation, and its most important reason is the 0.42-inch OLED display.

Millet bracelet's core "rice"

The body contact part of the millet wristband 2 wristband is made of tough elastic material, and the contact part material is softer and more skin-friendly, breathable and sweat-proof, and is more comfortable to wear. The firm inner lining structure wraps around the main body of the bracelet, and the loss of the main body of the bracelet is avoided to the greatest extent.

Good elasticity, skin-friendly and more comfortable

Millet bracelet 2 is compatible with a mobile phone, downloads a millet sports APP, and an APP supports Bluetooth 4.4 Android 4.4 and iOS 7.0 and above iPhone. The adaptability is relatively wide, basically satisfying most of the mainstream mobile phones on the market, and the user does not have to worry that the mobile phone cannot be matched with the millet bracelet 2 .

Enter the App Store to search for Xiaomi Sports and download it. After completing the download, fill in gender, date of birth, height, weight, etc. The setting of the sports goal, which needs to be set according to its own situation, but the official will give a World Health Organization recommendations for reference.

Download Official App Note Personal Privacy

After setting up and then look at the function of the APP, APP into a lot of millet style, in the discovery interface, under the activity column implanted advertising! The open interface to third parties also further proves that Xiaomi is an Internet company that earns revenue in hardware that is difficult to match with users and traffic. Millet bracelets will become an important part of Xiaomi's ecological chain as its body size increases.

Xiaomi is an internet company

The heart rate function can be said to be one of the highlights of the millet bracelet 2, which provides running heart rate guidance in addition to normal heart rate detection. When the heart rate is too high, it will be reminded automatically. After all, the high new rate will cause a certain stress on the heart during the running process. At the same time, it will easily lead to fatigue. In anaerobic exercise state, fat can not burn effectively. By running to lose weight, wearing a millet bracelet 2 or will start more effective.

Do a good heart rate test to lose weight more effectively

The bracelet reminder function, the reminder function of the millet bracelet 2 has basically covered the daily basic life needs. For example: call reminder, bracelet alarm, app notification, sedentary reminder, text message reminder, etc. The addition of these features will help handsets to a large extent, so that information can be effectively and timely communicated. Especially call reminders, even in a noisy environment can know the phone calls. However, it is regrettable that the caller's name and phone number cannot be known. Therefore, for a better experience, Xiaomi Bracelet 2 has a lot of room for improvement. For social leaders, the APP reminder function allows you to become a great person. Sedentary Reminder Set reminders based on working hours and intervals, to meet the needs of different office workers for the time, while supporting afternoon breaks, so you can spend a quiet lunch break.

Bracelet reminds life office easier

Cell phone call alert function

International IP67 waterproof and dustproof, can be soaked briefly when worn, and can also be worn when washing hands or showering. But be careful not to dive with “it” because his water only supports short soaking.

Summary: Xiaomi Bracelet 2 is more convenient to use after joining the screen. The heart rate alert during the running and the intimate sedentary reminder can make people pay more attention to physical health from the details. Call reminders, APP reminders, emails and SMS reminders make Millet Bracelet 2 the best companion for mobile phones. Although the increase of a LED screen, but the use of high-energy density, lightweight lithium polymer battery, charge once to meet the 20-day battery life, this life is still relatively rare in the same price products. Comprehensive evaluation: stylish, easy to operate, strong support, is also one of the most outstanding products of millet bracelet in the past two years, you want to improve health, 149 yuan millet bracelet 2 worth having.