LED solar lawn light system composition and advantages

LED solar lawn light definition:

The solar lawn lamp mainly uses the energy of the solar cell to work. When the daytime sunlight is irradiated on the solar cell, the light energy is converted into electric energy and stored in the battery, and then the battery is the LED of the lawn lamp in the evening (light emitting diode) ) Provide power. Its advantages are mainly safety, energy saving, convenience, and environmental protection. Applicable to the residential community green grass landscaping lighting embellishment, park lawn landscaping embellishment.

The structure of the LED solar lawn lamp:

It consists of solar cell modules (photovoltaic panels), super bright LED lights (light sources), maintenance-free rechargeable batteries, automatic control circuits, lamps and so on.

LED solar lawn light system components:

The solar lawn light boost IC can automatically switch the charging and discharging behavior. When the solar charging board senses the sunlight during the day, it automatically switches to turn off the light and enters the charging state. When the night color falls on the solar charging board, the sunlight is not detected. Turn on the light when the battery is discharged. The solar lawn light boost IC can boost the output voltage of a 1.5 volt rechargeable battery to 3.6 volts.

A circuit board IC should be equipped with a 5th rechargeable battery to drive 1--7 LED Light-emitting diodes; multiple sets of circuit board ICs and so on; solar lawn light controller integrated circuit and some side components, mainly The functions include a charging circuit, a driving circuit, a photosensitive control circuit, and a pulse width modulation circuit. The controller has high conversion efficiency: 80~85% (typical), which can reduce the power requirement of the solar cell version; low dynamic voltage: 0.9V (maximum value); adjustable output current.

LED solar lawn light source advantages:

At present, most lawn lamps use LED as the light source. The LED has a long service life and can reach more than 100,000 hours. The working voltage is low, which is very suitable for application on solar lawn lamps. In particular, LED technology has undergone its key breakthroughs, and its characteristics have been greatly improved in the past five years, and its performance price ratio has also been greatly improved. In addition, the LED is powered by low-voltage DC, and its light source control cost is low, which makes it possible to adjust the brightness and darkness, and frequent switching is possible, and does not adversely affect the performance of the LED. It is also convenient to control the color, change the light distribution, and generate dynamic phantom, so it is especially suitable for solar lawn lights.

Solar lawn light source and power system design method has been rapidly developed in recent years due to the unique advantages of solar lawn light. The lawn lamp has low power, mainly for decoration purposes, and is suitable for sites with high mobility requirements, difficult circuit laying, and high waterproof requirements. These make lawn lights powered by solar cells show many unprecedented advantages.

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