Life needs to run and experience the Amazfit Equator Fashion Bracelet

Wearing a smart bracelet has become a sporty fashion. When you wear a smart wristband during physical exercise, you can quickly understand your own sports data. The bracelet I wear has the first generation of foreign Jawbone UP products. Millet, Huawei, etc., and at the end of last month, Hua Mi Technology released the fashion smart bracelet Amazfit equator , it broke the traditional bracelet design philosophy, so wear to pursue a higher fashion.

Huami's original style impressed me. Amazfit equator is different from the common one. It gives me the first feeling out of the box. It looks like an exquisite piece of jade. In addition to the unique accessories, the charging equipment is slightly larger, and other components. Looks very small.

Before I use it for the first time, I need to charge it. At the beginning, I didn't read the instructions. I randomly placed it in the charging tank and spent a long time knowing the charge. The correct way to charge is with the text part down and a white light flashing.

The main part of the wearer is a silicone soft material wristband. The overall design is round, and the whole chain is very fine. There is no sense of weight on the wrist, and the Amazfit equator contact holder is designed in the middle. From this point of view, there is no need to worry about its safety issues. At the other end is the opening and closing of the chain. It is simple and easy to operate. It is indeed a major highlight of the Amazfit equator.

The central position of the Amazfit Equatorial Bracelet is a black ceramic body that blends perfectly with the elegant stainless steel curved surface. This makes it more waterproof than the traditional wristband design. It is connected to the Bayer TPU silicone flexible material wristband at both ends of stainless steel. Make sure it is soft and comfortable when worn.

The mobile phone and the Amazfit equator use a Bluetooth communication method, and the APP uses a meter to manage. Using a few days to feel the synchronization between the mobile phone APP and the Amazfit equator is still quite awesome . For the first time, you need to log in using WeChat or Xiaomi account. The matching of the bracelet can be done according to the instructions. Remember to charge the Amazfit equator first .

Mi Dong's APP operation management is very simple, in the status column can see the sleep mode and today's walking situation, for people who often sit in the office is a great help, remind yourself to be more dynamic, and it will also record your The pace of the action, at which time step has taken many steps. Every morning I have the habit of running, this time carrying the Amazfit equator running for three kilometers, the calculation is accurate.

In order to record the running route map, you need to turn on the hand's GPS function, so that you can automatically draw their own exercise route, I went to the university from home to a circle, Mi moving on the road map is more accurate, but I Voice broadcasts were on during the workout and there seemed to be no reminder.

MIA Mobile APP can manage the individual's relevant configuration, understand the current Amazfit equator operation status, power, firmware version, equipment information, etc., and can also set the target for exercise.

Mi Dong APP with Amazfit equator, you can also call reminder, alarm clock and other functions, found that the Amazfit equator vibration effect is not very strong, just a few slight vibration, I also tried a sleep alarm clock, the results did not call me Wake up; Accidentally found APP and photo sharing features, this action to the five praise!

Many people think that if you take a rest on time, being awake at midnight is a good night's sleep. In fact, there is a standard of sleep: light sleep and deep sleep, I think only deep sleep can make the brain have the best rest, the work of the next day will have enough energy. The Amazfit Equator Sleep function makes me very much like it. I also look at the quality of sleep during these three days. Overall it's not bad, but the time for deep sleep is still shorter. If there are more than 2 hours of deep sleep, it may be better.

After a few days of trials, the Amazfit equator has a new sense of fashion. The lightweight design allows me to feel no weight at all, and its wearing design is very creative, like a special jade jewelry; with the management of Mi-move APP , let your sports status at a glance. Voice broadcast can not be used normally, I feel a bit sorry, I hope the firmware and APP upgrade later to improve it; Another feeling is that Amazfit sleep mode of the equator is designed very well, wake up every day you can know the sleep last night, it can be As a reference, there will be suggestions for good sleep, which I like very much.