[Light experience all measurements] Sparrow small all-round all eggs very easy to use simple test

With the rapid increase in home appliances, many people are more and more like to buy equipment with remote control, the advantage is that you can directly remote control home appliances in the distance, the remote control is not found when you can not find it is wrong, and sometimes even No electricity or aging failure, in mid- June this year, Jingdong crowdfunded Smart Egg Mini eggs got a lot of people's attention, and the expected 30W crowdfunding goal finally achieved the goal with 52W . Luckily it was easy. Xun applied to this unlisted closed beta, then how does his performance, then let us come to "play eggs"



When I received it, I opened the courier box and it was a bubble paper. The outside tape was a tight product. I think this should be a closed-end product, so the outside packaging has not been designed.

The instructions are also in the express package and are separate from the egg products.

Seen from this direction, the egg's outer packaging is a cylinder, the top cover is printed with Aiguo smart logo and product name, company website and product model

The bottom lid is printed with the full name of Aiguo company and the Aurora APP QR code and scanned or the address of the mobile phone can be downloaded

The cylindrical side is affixed with all the details of the product parameters and information necessary for the factory, barcode, model, name, material, connection method, size, etc.

Through a transparent cylinder, you can see a white egg in it, and a little raffia underneath it looks like a hatching egg.

After opening, the first to see is the description of the egg, the instructions are also made very fine


The egg's main product is really like an "egg", very cute and lightweight, it is easy to move and carry, the white shell is said to be a special material that can penetrate infrared signals.

The bottom is a flat bottom surface, so that the egg can be placed on the table without falling. The green light is visible in the picture. It is the status light. After starting the egg, the light will always flicker. It should be to save power. Maybe it's cost savings, or it will make the whole egg light up and I think it will look better

Unscrew the bottom of the lid, in addition to the reset button can also see two 7 batteries, Bluetooth 4.0 ultra-low-power technology allows two batteries can work for up to one year.


APP experience

Scan the QR code on the package to enter the APP download interface, click to download the corresponding version of our mobile phone, download

To enter the app for the first time, you need to register an account first. The registration process is very simple. After the registration is completed, you can log in to the app and start searching for the nearest egg device and connect it.

After entering the APP , you can see that the interface has only one remote control add button, the upper left corner is personal information, and the upper right corner is the system settings, tools, and other settings

When we first match, the system will prompt the APP interface and its functions include the subsequent addition of remote control, scene and other functions. As long as it is the first time to use the APP will pop up tips, very eggs support 16 kinds of home appliances, in addition to the traditional TV, air conditioning, Set-top boxes, amplifiers, stereos, projectors, and fan-lamp appliances can also control water heaters, screens, video recorders, cameras, etc. The brand has more than 800 brands and more than 4,000 remote controls. When matching, there are three matching methods. For tag search, smart matching, learning remote control, for models that cannot be searched for by individual models, it is necessary to learn by matching the remote controller.

Scenario setting is a function currently available in smart home devices. He can use some triggers to turn on some actions in batches or colleagues to perform certain set actions. These home appliances can interact with each other, greatly simplifying the complicated life. Operation, in addition, this egg also has room temperature monitoring, anti-lost function, timing function, IBEACON function, speaking IBEANCON this feature, it should be quite a lot of people are no strangers, in September 13 Apple released the IBEACON this feature which works is equipped with a backup Device low power Bluetooth (BLE) BLE communication function using technology to send around its own unique ID, the ID of the received application software will take some action in accordance with this ID, and it actually did not imagine so good, there is also often a mistake now found as touch, positioning after all, this East West now has not been able to very precise.


Summary :

In the current market intelligent remote control products, mostly using WIFI connection technology, not what functional distinction, while the use of egg very low power Bluetooth 4.0 technology, although fast reaction Min Bluetooth connection, communication It is safe, but many people still prefer to remotely control home electrical appliances when they first turn on their home air conditioners or when they forget to turn off their home appliances. However, individuals generally feel that each kind of thing has its advantages and disadvantages. Bringing convenience to people, then this product is worth