Looking forward to the stars and looking forward to the moon, I finally looked forward to the equator - Amazfit Huami equator

In September 2015 , the Huami Technology Conference announced the launch of the "Moon Frost" and "Equator" wristbands. "Month frost" was formally listed in November last year , and the "Equator" has been eagerly awaiting everyone's enthusiasm. New Tasting until March 29, 2016 was only the launch. What are the reasons for this? The goddess Gao Yuanyuan participates in the design estimation and it is one of the reasons. For other reasons, we have to actually use it again.

First time: Appearance

One : out of the box

This time out of the box is very much like the demolition of a beautifully packaged gift: The wrapping paper is very nice and it is reluctant to tear open; but it is also very much like to know what kind of gift is contained inside.

Remove this label and the gift opens!


Two: After all, it is to be torn:

No strap, no necklace, but I can diy ! Suspense left until the final announcement.

Nostalgic bracelet body - zirconia ceramic shell. Known as the AF nano-anti-fingerprint film, I tried it, it is true that the fingerprint is not obvious, but it is not really left. The workmanship can be said to be extremely delicate, and the splicing of the back shell can hardly be seen. It can only be felt by touching the past.

There is no charging contact, it is really wireless charging.

Charging the base and wires. When charging, the middle white LED blinks. Stop flashing to indicate that charging is complete.

Second time: Use articles

The competition in the smart wearable market has reached a level of enthusiasm. Numerous smart bracelet companies have failed because of their lack of features. The emergence of smart watches forced all walks of arms to embark on a path with its own characteristics. There is a bracelet with a main payment function, a bracelet with a main sports function, and a bracelet of our equator - the main decoration.

With so many bracelets used, functionally speaking, the equator is indeed the simplest function; while the facial expression is the highest.

Not much to say, we still have to install the APP first , and then try out the function:

After registration is complete, enter personal information and you can begin normal use.

From the algorithmic point of view, the start and end times of sleep are normal automatic judgments. The judging exercise only judges whether to run or walk. Compared to other bracelets, the function is still relatively single.

The vibration reminder on the call, really good and weak, really do not feel ah ~ ~ ~ (my fat is too thick?) reminder time is only 3 seconds, so weak reminder, has not reacted It's already over. Please ask the manufacturer to adjust the vibration.

Life time: 26% of stores fell 2 days , which is about 13% per day . There should be no problem with a battery life for one week.

Third time: The equator is actually a chaos into the smart wearable jewelry

Honestly speaking, because I'm a fitness-loving little grandmother, it's not enough to walk or run. There are hiit workouts every day , and aerobic exercises are mainly based on knee-free swimming. So the equator can only record the function of running or walking is not suitable for me. But who makes the grandmother a control? Professional sports bracelet, wear again when you are in sports, usually use the equator well. It's lightweight, good-looking, and it's really wearless. How to look at the equator is an indecency into the smart wear accessories.

Since the decorative function is greater than other functions, then let's try how we can really wear the equator as a jewelry only.

The manuscript of my designer's crush— a circle as a necklace and two rings as a wristband. Is it good?

Appreciation of finished product:

This is just an embarrassment for me. Other designs are waiting for the beauty-loving sisters to design and produce. Like my designer's design, you can also ask her for help.

There is a good communication with the designer wood. In fact, this design has a bug - the chain is not detachable, and then it is impossible to charge ~ ~ everyone must pay attention.

Final return:

From a functional point of view: a single sports function, not with heart rate, is not a professional sports bracelet.

Because there is no screen, the push message on the mobile phone cannot be displayed, so it is not a wristband of a mobile phone. However, the value of the equator is more than all the current bracelets on the market, so I think the equator is not a smart bracelet, but a smart ornament. Some sisters who dislike other bracelets can't really look. This is totally different from those that are not square, that is, the rectangular smart bracelet. If it is a man who seeks for a function, the equator cannot bring you a sense of satisfaction. You can only let the sisters feel that you have the sense of fulfillment (sister artifact).