Make romance? Divination artifact? MIPOW Smart bubble bulb

In the past two years, there have been more and more colorful smart lights on the market, which proves the popularity of these products. The color change, the new and interesting variety of gameplay and the convenience of wireless control make it possible for colorful smart lights to enter every home. Before I experienced the MIPOW Smart Bubble Light, I actually used several smart lights. However, the functions of these smart lights were relatively simple and their shapes were more traditional. This model uses “blown glass”. The traditional craftsmanship of MIPOW's smart bubble bulbs made me shine. Obviously, it was dressed up in a home environment. It was more suitable than any smart light I had ever used. What are its attractive places? I hope my assessment will give you some answers.

I don't talk much about packaging. The Chinese characters on the carton are printed. Presumably MIPOW's smart bubble bulbs are still overseas. Only on the side is a Chinese label. Let me know where it is made. In Shenzhen, China. Since they are all sold by Tmall, I suggest that manufacturers should change the Chinese-made packaging box. This is also an attitude.

As MIPOW Maibu intelligent bright spherical lamp lampshade is made of glass, it is fragile and has a fragile warning label on the lampshade. Manufacturers still have some time to work on the shatter resistance of the packaging. Open the box and you can see that the manufacturer uses a thick foam reinforcement. Accessories, including wireless charging base slot, charging line and instruction manual.

The shades of MIPOW's smart bubble bulbs adopt a trend towards a perfect circular design. The height and width of 145mm150mm are larger than those of ordinary intelligent light bulbs. The white glass lampshade is more test production process, the cost is relatively higher, but the exchange is more beautiful and grade, placed in the bed, desk, living room and any other corner, can be a good home decoration environment. In addition, the surface of the glass lampshade has been frosted and the touch is very good. At the same time, the light source is more comfortable and the light is more evenly distributed.

The designer designed the light source base of MIPOW's smart bubble bulb as a circular ring with an inner concave shape. It was placed on the middle of the raised wireless charging slot, just enough to buckle, so that the whole ball lamp could be Steady. There is a red power button in the middle of the base of the light source. The keycap is made of silicone material. The LOGO and related parameters of the MIPOW Smart Bubble Light are also printed on the light source base.

MIPOW's Smart Bubble Light contains a built-in 700mAh battery, which can use about 8 hours of lighting time after being fully charged. For 8 hours, for me, it was still short. In fact, the lampshade is not small, so you can use a larger capacity battery. MIPOW smart bubble bulbs use wireless charging design, this is pretty cool. When charging, the indicator on the wireless charging stand lights up in red, and after the power is fully charged, the red light automatically switches to blue. It should be noted that the MIPOW smart bubble bulb passed the IP65 dustproof and waterproof test, but this wireless charging socket is not waterproof.

There are two USB ports on the wireless charging socket. When using it outdoors, you can use the mobile power to charge the MIPOW Smart Bubble Ball. It can be said that it is a mobile lighting product. In addition, it can also provide power for other equipment, of course, I think it is not necessary, after all, the built-in battery capacity is only 700mAh.

MIPOW Smart Bubble Light is very simple to use, it can also be used independently from the mobile phone APP, just click the power button, the default white light will automatically light up. When tapping the lampshade, the MIPOW Smart Bubble Light will change the light color according to the vibration induction. The order is white, red, green, blue, gradient, and the rainbow lamp turns off.

However, the colors of MIPOW's smart bubble bulbs are not just a few colors, but as many as 16 million colors. By installing the specified application program PLAYBLUB X, you can choose your favorite color, and you can also customize a variety of timers and scenes. At present, PLAYBLUB X supports both Android and Apple iOS mobile phones, which can be searched and downloaded in the app store. Through the Bluetooth connection, MIPOW smart bubble bulb can be easily paired with the phone, and then you can open PLAYBLUB X to control it.

To put it bluntly, the interface of the PLAYBLUB X application is not beautifully designed. Although it is not complicated to operate, it is still not simple enough. The main interface consists of two main parts, light control and scene. The light control interface includes a rocker switch, color switch, color selection, brightness adjustment, and effect settings.

Into the effect settings interface, PLAYBLUB X provides a candle effect, flashing, gradient, rainbow and rainbow gradient 5 kinds of effects, playability is not bad, which flashing and gradient effects can also choose the light flashing and transformation speed.

In the scene interface, PLAYBLUB X presets three kinds of scenes. Users can select the color in the picture by moving small habits on the screen, so that the colors of the lights also change simultaneously. This design was the first time I came into contact with it, quite new, and PLAYBLUB X also supports user-defined add pictures for additional scenes. In addition, music playback can be opened in the scene interface.

Other settings of the PLAYBLUB X mainly include a time timer and a shock sensor. Through the setting of the time timer, the MIPOW intelligent bubble bulb can be turned on or off at a specified time; and the vibration sensor is used to make the MIPOW intelligent bubble bulb to be able to sense the intensity of the vibration. Change color. Some of the details of the PLAYBLUB X interface are not good enough. For example, the password selection option still uses the English word Set Password instead of Chinese, and we hope the follow-up version can be further improved.

MIPOW Mai bubble smart colorful spherical lamp with RGB + warm white LED lamp beads, color temperature of 3000K, power is 0.4W, is still more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. In the actual experience process, I found that MIPOW's bright bulb lights are not particularly bright. If you look at the writing light, it is obviously not appropriate, but at birthday parties, lovers, nightlights, etc. Some special occasions are very suitable, it can create a suitable lighting atmosphere.

The biggest highlight of the MIPOW Smart Bubble Light is that it uses a glass shade material and wireless charging function, which makes it even taller, but the glass material also means that you need to be more careful during use, I think it's It is necessary to design the wireless charging socket to be larger. It is better to tighten the lamp when it is more tight. I also suggest that manufacturers can design some lamp holders with different shapes and functions later. This can also be used as an optional accessory for consumers. select. In addition, if the brightness of the light can be higher still better. In general, as a smart lamp with a price of less than 300 yuan, the MIPOW smart bubble bulb is still very attractive. If you want to create a romantic, it is quite appropriate to choose it.