MediaTek Releases Support for 120Hz High-End Smart TV Single-Chip Solution

21ic MediaTek, Inc. has released the world's first single-chip solution to support 120Hz dynamic adjustment of high-end smart TVs. In addition to providing an excellent 3D visual experience, it is leading the industry in supporting next-generation Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi Display enables TVs to connect directly to other Wi-Fi devices without any external box or home network, sharing high-definition audio and video content on TV screens anytime, anywhere, making the “living room revolution” comprehensive Upgrade again to lead the new era of smart home.

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According to the latest research report of the Topology Industry Research Institute, as more brand manufacturers launch smart TVs, global smart TV shipments are expected to show multiple growth in the past two years. In 2011, the global sales of smart TVs exceeded 25.18 million units, accounting for 10.4% of the total TV sales. In 2012, it will double to 52.85 million units, with an annual growth rate of over 100%, accounting for 20% of the total TV. The research report also pointed out that the intelligent wave, coupled with innovative hardware functions such as 3D functions and LED (light-emitting diode) TVs, is expected to drive the growth of the smart TV market.

MediaTek's new high-end smart TV single-chip solution offers a number of highly integrated advanced applications, in addition to supporting a number of high-definition video and audio image processing technologies, and built-in MediaTek MDDiTM non-interlaced (de-interlace) solutions. Improve the clarity of the dynamic picture, while supporting 120Hz dynamic image adjustment and 3D visual experience, making the image more realistic and vivid, bringing consumers a smoother and more refined visual experience. The program is also the first to support the next-generation Wi-Fi Alliance standard, Wi-Fi wireless display technology, enabling TVs and various wireless Wi-Fi devices to connect directly to anytime, anywhere, and simultaneously play the picture on the TV screen, allowing consumers to Easily share high-definition audio and video content with friends and relatives to achieve a new smart digital home experience.

In addition, MediaTek provides customers with a worldwide common platform that supports global digital TV specifications, as well as customized solutions that enable customers to focus resources on product differentiation and application development. Time to market. Chen Guanzhou, general manager of MediaTek Digital TV Products Division, said: "Compared with traditional TV, smart TV has a network service platform in addition to the Internet access function, which can provide consumers with a better and better visual experience than before. The evolution of traditional TV into a digital home entertainment center with interactive and built-in diversified applications not only completely breaks through the traditional role that TV has played in the living room, but also brings TV to another new milestone. MediaTek will continue High-performance, highly integrated and customized smart TV single-chip solutions help global customers achieve brand value."

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