Mosquito coil can be saved: LG launches repellent TV

On June 17th, LG officially launched a TV that can repel mosquitoes in India. It is reported that this TV can release human invisible ultrasonic waves to drive out mosquitoes. With this TV. My mother is no longer afraid of mosquitoes sucking my blood in the summer.

It is reported that LG has officially launched a TV with mosquito repellent function in India. This TV will emit human invisible ultrasonic waves to repel mosquitoes and prevent mosquitoes from infecting diseases such as malaria, Zika and Dengue fever in densely populated areas. Mosquito repellent technology is also effective when you turn off the TV. However, according to LG official introduction, this mosquito repellent TV is not designed to replace other mosquito repellent equipment.

The mosquito-repellent TV is divided into two models, starting at 26,500 Indian rupees (about 2,300 yuan), the other larger version of the screen is priced at 4,750 Indian rupees (about 4,600 yuan) . Do not know whether LG will be listed in China this mosquito-repellent TV, after all, the mosquito is still very wild in the summer.

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