New phosphor-switched amber LED closest to the yellow light gap

A few days ago, Philips Lumileds (San Jose, Calif.) researchers developed a monochromatic photo-nitride diode closest to the yellow LED's energy gap, a phosphor-transformed (PC) amber LED developed by Regina Mueller-Mach and her colleagues. By down-conversion of blue light from a single InGaN LED to longer wavelength light, cold white or warm white light (from a blue LED) is produced by adjusting different processes.
Monochromatic LEDs efficiently cover most of the visible spectrum. In terms of blue light, the external quantum efficiency of the nitride diode exceeds 65%. For red light, the efficiency of the phosphor diode is about 50%. Of course, so far, no high-efficiency monochromatic LED can cover the "yellow energy gap" near 560 nm.
Using previous experience in warm white light, the researchers successfully used the down-conversion to convert blue LED wavelengths into monochrome amber light with a wavelength of 595 nm with a color purity of 98.7%. Depending on the temperature, the external quantum efficiency of PC amber LEDs is around 30%-40%. The new PC amber LED is five times brighter than the amber LED made directly. The luminous flux reaches 70 lm at 350 mA.
These LUXEON Rebel PC amber LEDs are used in a wide range of applications. It can be used in yellow traffic lights or signal lights, and can also be used in car turn signals or building sign warning lights. They can also be used in consumer electronics, and their high efficiency also makes their prices less expensive.

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