OLED beach lighting market

Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) color temperature can be adjusted to a wide range of 2,500 ~ 8,000K, plus energy-saving, mercury-free and low-voltage drive without overheating safety concerns, compared to traditional light sources, will develop higher added value Home lighting. With the advancement of patent technology in various countries and the adoption of higher-generation process manufacturing, the market for OLED lighting is rapidly expanding.

Zhou Zhuohui, professor of materials at Tsinghua University in Taiwan, pointed out that OLED lighting has many features superior to traditional light sources, so it is expected to extend more application layouts in the future.

The lighting market, which has an adjustable color temperature, has great potential. Zhou Zhuohui, professor of materials at Tsinghua University in Taiwan, said that OLED lighting is currently the only light source that can adjust the color temperature from sunrise to sunset at any time. As for the incandescent lamp with a color temperature of at least 2,700K, it can reach the minimum limit and cannot be lowered. Its color temperature.

The European Commission's "High-brightness Organic Light Emitting Diodes for Information and Communication Technology and Lighting Equipment" project (OLLA) joint research institute data shows that indoor brightness is 300 candelas (cd) per square meter, 3,000K and The 4,000K color temperature has the highest end market acceptance; relatively speaking, the market rating of the white, 6,500K color temperature is the lowest. Zhou Zhuohui believes that end users are more interested in 2,500K color temperature, which also means that OLED lighting will be the general trend of home lighting.

Due to the advantages of OLED light source, such as surface light source, wide viewing angle, flexibility, light weight, and power saving, manufacturers in North America, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Germany have invested heavily in technology research and development. The number of North American OLED lighting patents has exceeded in 2002. LED. Due to the early entry of Japanese and American companies into the OLED field, the number of manufacturers entering the market is large, and the patent technology has been dispersed among different manufacturers. As for the concentration of patent technology of German and Korean companies, the top five patent holders have nearly 90 patents. % of patented technology. Although OLED still has to overcome the problem of low life and high price, Zhou Zhuohui expects to continue to break through the bottleneck of OLED technology in OSRAMOptoSemiconductors, Philips, GE, Lumiotec, KonicaMinolta and other major manufacturers. It will help accelerate the goal of mass production and commercialization of OLED lighting.

According to the market research agency DisplaySearch, the OLED lighting market will take off in 2011. By 2013-2014, the market will surpass the passive matrix (PM) OLED display and reach 60 in 2018. The billion dollar mark.

An anti-theft system is any device or method used to prevent or deter the unauthorized appropriation of items considered valuable. Theft is one of the most common and oldest criminal behaviors specially happened popularly at Telecom base site and power station from ASEAN, Africa and Asia, etc.  Our anti-theft systems via GPS tracking management technology have been evolved to match the introduction of new inventions to stationary batteries and the resulting thief been caught as soon as stealing the batteries.
At present, there are huge number of Telecom base stations all over the world, the vast majority of sites are located in remote areas with any unattended which are stolen seriously. Theft violently destroy the infrastructure of the base station and steal batteries, resulting in serious losses such as communication breaking and stations maintenance. The conventional protective measures, such as iron guardrail, external positioning alarm device, and anti-theft screw, not only are unable to achieve your desired effect, but also have the disadvantages of higher cost, lower battery life and weaker concealment.
Our battery anti-theft solution and Monitoring Tracing system is comprised of GPS module and software operation platform. This equipment includes GPS satellite positioning system and network positioning system, that is GPS+LBS dual intelligent positioning mode. It has the function of satellite positioning, base station locating, remote reset, remote upgrade, fence alarm, tracking replay, battery low voltage alarm, vibration alarm,etc.   
The utility model aims at resolving the problem that an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) storage battery of a field station can not guard against a thief effectively and providing a global position system (GPS) and anti-theft monitoring tracing system for a storage battery. A terminal module is connected with a management platform and mobile phone signals through a mobile communication network. The terminal module comprise a GPS module, a central processing unit (CPU) module connected with a mobile communication network module and a vibration transducer connected with the CPU module.

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