Reliance on Philosophy, Olympus E-M1 Mark II Micro Camera Opens First

This post is out of the box, non-photo communication, if detoxification, but also hope to tap.

[New Release]Olympus/Olympus E-M1 Mark II body single micro-camera 13999 yuan Lynx featured direct link

Reasons to purchase

In 2012, along with the birth of the child, there was a reason for changing the camera. After all, the E-P1 had no EVF in hand and purchased the OM-D E-M5. To tell the truth, if it wasn’t this station, it might be direct. M4/3 destroyed the door. After the child is born, the subject of photography becomes a child. Counting the photos in the NAS, I didn't shoot anything else in the past few years. Over time, five years later, the child grows up and grows. The more he doesn’t cooperate with the camera, always takes a photo. As time went by, the camera was hanging out. After all, even the M4/3 is heavier than the mobile phone. Going out with something like a bear, carrying a camera out and taking a look back, many of them are not coking... and regretting afterwards. It's better not to take it. The E-M1 Mark II has significantly improved the focusing system, especially the C-AF speed. Birds have appeared in the forum and they have begun to grow grass. Originally thought that the niche models, no difficulty in buying, who knows actually confused and millet-like, Taobao years ago universal body suit out of stock (has 12-40mm, the kit can not buy), every day brush, every day brush, After the year finally saw the arrival of two businesses nearby, poisonous hair ... ...

Appearance Gallery


Today, this world, actually do not have instructions, only a thin quick start

Finally you are here


The handle looks sturdy, but benefit from the flange distance, the body is still very thin, remove the battery (E-M1 Mark II for a large capacity battery), but on the fuselage, and E-M5 plus horizontal handle weight difference 30 Grams only.

experience feelings

Gossip and talk less, I do not have a telephoto lens, even if the bird, beat the bear on the line, are straight out of jpg.

Bear, let you run full field, sports-level focusing system can firmly grasp you.

The E-M1 Mark II has many more features than the E-M5, including depth of field synthesis, super resolution, and Capture Pro. Only tried the depth of field synthesis, in fact, this feature is a macro shot killer. The super resolution must be on the shelf. Take the child out without stopping. Try again later.

to sum up

Nothing can be summed up. I have always believed that electronic digital products are purchased on an as-needed basis. There is no right or wrong point. Manufacturers are not stupid, consumers are not stupid, you like it. As a 7-year user of Aoba, it is normal to upgrade to this platform. After all, except for the size of the photosensitive element that is limited by the specifications, the other measures the performance of the camera. This is a basic D500. Of course, this listing price is also higher than the market price of D500. Afterwards, it is estimated that it will be flat, and many overseas evaluations believe that the performance of the M4/3 flagship (other than the photosensitive part size) is inconsistent with the D500.

Talk about your feelings about M4/3 (industry users and self-professional experts skip, you don't need enthusiastic opinions), after all, I have also used APS-C's SLR a550 for a long time (5 years ago ) and full-frame micro-single A7 (continues to hold, FE16-35 F4, FE70-200F4, FE28-70).

SLR did not say anything. There were a large number of friends around the house who did not even think clearly and bought an entry-level machine. For the home-based, taking into account the "possible" learning friends, I strongly recommend no anti-camera, even if your hot period has passed, the compact non-reverse camera will not become a burden on your travel, or will lie on your In the travel case, the SLR may not be. In the absence of anti-cameras, the M4/3 system is not the pinnacle of picture quality, it is not the peak of forcing the grid, the price is not cheaper than other homes, the disadvantage is the so-called picture quality, but for home travel, picture quality is absolutely enough. The biggest advantage is the size (I don't talk about the camera group), the a7 family is full-width, and the head looks harmless to humans and animals, but what do you buy the full-scale map? If the picture quality will be found, whether it is a small ternary or master series, that volume and SLR are different? If so, it's not as good as Nikon Canon. Fuji's volume is OK, but the system is also not M4/3 high. Of course, it hasn't been used for a long time.

As for the prospects, the individual is not optimistic about the APS-C, SLR, in recent years there are frequent full-scale SLR scored 10,000 yuan, the flagship APS-C is not green. Nikon has not been out of APS-C no anti-, Sony finally reduced the speed of the brush body, began to strengthen the lens group, the energy is still on the FE, Canon M5 is good, but the current lens is scarce, Eos lens transfer is not a negative The system's long-term plan, Fuji also on the APS-C is also considered. If Sony can use the a6500 as a starting point to further improve the a7 III series, it is naturally excellent, but the lens size still cannot see hope in the short term. As for M4/3, it used to be the Oba and Panasonic twin engines, and now there are many small ants, major Xinjiang and other manufacturers. The introduction of the small ants demonstrated the advantages of M4/3 as an open system; Dajiang confirmed that Oba insisted that “M4/3 is the best balance between picture quality and volume”. Faced with the pursuit of mobile phones, the card machine that pursues stupidity has already breathed, but M4/3 is an interchangeable mirror system. Photographic professional operations are far from comparable to mobile phones. As for the picture quality, if the phone camera has made a big breakthrough, there will be more room for progress, then M4/3 is it not?

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