Rohde & Schwarz R&S BTC Radio and TV Test System Supports Conformance Testing

Rohde & Schwarz R&S BTC Radio and TV Test System Supports Conformance Testing

Munich, September 29, 2015 - Since June 2015, the R&S BTC Radio and Television Test System and R&S AVBrun Conformance Test Software have been adopted by the National Broadcasting and Communications Commission (NBTC) and the Vietnam Telecommunications Authority (VNTA). . In Thailand, R&S BTC is used to test DVB-T2 receivers.

Vietnam also uses DVB-T2 broadcasting, which is why VNTA has to establish a laboratory with Rohde & Schwarz to carry out the QCVN 63 standard certification test. The lab will also enable VNTA to provide Vietnam's consumer electronics industry with conformance certification testing services that meet European major receiver standards including Nordig, E-Book and D-book. R&S BTC offers unparalleled RF characteristics, as well as real-time signal generation and real-time audio and video signal analysis. It is an ideal tool for network operators to perform receiver conformance testing. In both countries, Rohde worked with Schwarz and StreamSpark. The company offers PSI/SI and audio and video test suites as well as report management tools.

The R&S BTC enables end-to-end audio and video testing combined with the automated test software AVBrun, making it an ideal conformance test tool. The test results fully reproduce the requirements in the test specifications and test plans. Test suites for different standards include all the information needed for test setup and full control of the test equipment and the equipment under test. R&S BTC supports all tests, including complex test scenarios. Only one instrument is required, eliminating the need for traditional time-consuming and expensive setups made up of multiple instruments.

The R&S BTC and R&S AVBrun D-book test suites help manufacturers reduce test time and test costs for compliance testing. The current test suite supports the D-book, Nordig, NBTC and QCVN 63 standards. Other standard test suites are under development.

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