See still Super TV X55: double U-type buckle is what design concept?

The launch of the CAN UI smart TV system with the theme of “Software and Hard Work” was officially held on September 25. At the press conference, we not only unveiled the independent intellectual property rights CAN UI smart TV system based on TVOS 2.0, but also released a look at the market. The new new product is still super TV X55 TV, the original dual U-buckle structure became the biggest selling point of this new TV.

See still Super TV X55
It is reported that this conference will still see the new super TV X55 body is only 8.9mm, the minimum distance between the TV and the wall can be achieved 7mm, full metal seamless border, original dual U-buckle structure, double the firmness. The process uses floating screen support base, sunken linear breathing lamp.

Samsung's original top RGB 3 color true 4K screen
The screen uses Samsung's original top RGB 3 color true 4K screen with 86% wide color gamut and 12 large image quality optimization techniques. See still Super TV X55 equipped with Bluetooth voice remote control, low power, long battery life, microphone voice button, a key to direct. Has HiFi-class independent sound system, unique cavity design, support echo sound effects.

Super TV X55 is the first to carry the new CAN UI. The system is based on TVOS2.0's independent research and development. It creates an original "Cross Shuttle" information layout, and the interface architecture is further flattened. At the same time, voice control is supported and the interaction mode is more intelligent. Faster operation response, faster video playback, and faster application startup.

See still super TV X55 wide color gamut
It is reported that the CAN UI smart TV system can prevent bad software from running and illegal platform access, and has the technical characteristics of safety, reliability, anti-brushing, and anti-cracking. Currently there are 500 CPs, 2000+ applications, 100 award-winning games, and it is the industry's first digital rights management system based on the TVOS kernel, providing member package features.

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