Self-defense weapon, A-ting self-timer robot out of the box

In the Internet era, these two words “self-timer” have already spread across the Internet and become a cultural phenomenon. Whether it is high-profile sun exposure or low-key sharing, self-timer has become a part of many people's lives, adding a lot of color to their lives. The special software derived from this, more and more featured products, such as self-timer phone, self-timer, beauty camera and so on. Recently, Chao Chong Controlled Technology has launched a product called A-Ding self-timer robot, which adds a big weapon for the self-timer army. I will show you this product in detail below.

Aden self-timer robot's box is cylindrical, more personal, printed on the box with the product's physical characteristics, similar to a mobile phone base. Hearing the word "robot", I believe that many people will think of science fiction movies like "Star Wars" and "Terminator". In fact, many robots are not as complicated as they are. All can be collectively referred to as robots.

The words "A-Ding Aden" are printed on the top of the box and there is a red round arrow next to it. The icon in the middle is the LOGO of DoraFiedora Smart Selfie APP.

The bottom of the box is printed with product specification, bar code, software download QR code and other information. In addition there is the address and contact information of Fujian Black Express Software Co., Ltd. Checked on the Internet and found that this company is mainly producing APP software and system development. It looks like the Aden self-timer robot is using its home. Software.

The side of the product on the box, printed with a description of the characteristics of this product.

Open the package to see the product and its accessories.  

From left to right are the product specification, Micro USB data cable, AAA battery, remote control, host.

The Aden self-timer robot uses a remote controller to display it. It requires two AAA batteries to power the camera, allowing it to zoom in, zoom out, take pictures, and record videos.

The product comes with two AAA batteries and the brand is GP's.

Instructions and Micro USB data cable display.

Aden self-timer robot is very much like a mobile phone base. Its main function is to place a mobile phone and adjust the position of the mobile phone. The front of the fuselage has a Bluetooth indicator (after powering on, flashing blue light; connecting Bluetooth is successful, the blue light is on; off, lights off).

The back of the fuselage is a Micro USB data cable interface, which can be charged by mobile power or USB power. (Airframe built-in 800mAh polymer lithium-ion battery.)

The product is designed with a rubber holder that is used to place the phone.

The top of the fuselage has a power key, and with indicator function. (When the power is above 25%, it will turn green continuously; when the power is below 25%, it will turn red; the power will be more than 25%, and the green light will flash; the power will be below 25%, and the red light will flash; the power is turned off and the lights are turned off.)

In order to facilitate user use and improve the stability of the product, this product is also designed with a tripod screw hole, around which is the product voltage, current, SN code, beat Dora APP two-dimensional code and other information.