Seven Experiences with LED Light Drivers

In recent years, with the continuous development of LED lamp packaging technology and heat dissipation technology, the stability of LED lamps has reached a relatively good level, and the major causes of light fade and color drift are those of some cottage manufacturers. The main reason is that the heat dissipation design is unreasonable. Relatively speaking, the problem of LED lamp driving power is much more serious, which is the main cause of dead lights or flashing, that is, LED lamp driving power has become a short board of LED lamp quality. According to the barrel theory, LED lamp driving power supply The lifetime is the life of the LED lamp.

The conventional lighting street lamp is separated from the lamp head. Usually the lamp head is high pressure sodium lamp. The national standard of high pressure sodium lamp provides one year warranty period. The street lamp management unit will store a certain number of sodium lamps. The high pressure sodium lamp has mature national standards. Its main parts size, power and other main parameters are uniform and interchangeable.

The current failure of the LED lamp is mainly in the power supply, so the main problem is to solve the power supply problem. As the current LED power supply still lacks a mandatory unified standard, the power supplies on the market are going their own way. They are difficult to replace due to their single-channel, multi-channel, and different sizes. With the advent of super high-power LED Street Lights and LED tunnel lights on the market, LED drive power supply failures frequently, combined with LED street lamp drive power supply use built-in design, often causing LED lamp power supply maintenance difficulties, coupled with some manufacturers lack of after-sales maintenance services, so The complaints from the owners have been expressed. After the media’s exaggerated propaganda, the public misunderstood the LED lights and affected the reputation of the LED industry.

Seven Experiences of Chengdu Chaoyue Photoelectric LED Lamp Driver

1. Give up more than 4 outputs, develop single or dual outputs, give up large currents and overcurrents, and develop small currents.

The more and more complex the number of output channels, the higher the cost of current interference between different outlets, and the higher the failure rate if they are not resolved. In addition, the greater the number of output channels, the greater the total output current. The current is the main cause of heat generation. The voltage itself does not directly lead to heat generation. In simple terms, the heat output is proportional to the square of the current, that is, the current increases to the original value. At 2 times, the calorific value will increase to 4 times the original, the current will increase 3 times, and the calorific value will increase to 9 times. In summary, the failure rate of single- or dual-output LED lamps will be much lower.

2. Intelligent control is one of the advantages of LED lamps, and the power supply is the key to intelligent control.

Smart control has the most mature conditions in LED street lighting and LED tunnel lighting applications. Intelligent control can achieve stepless control of lamp power according to road traffic density at different time periods. It not only meets application requirements, but also achieves huge energy savings. The effect can save a large amount of funds for highway authorities. The application of tunnel lighting not only can save energy, but also can automatically adjust the brightness of the tunnel entrance in accordance with the brightness outside the tunnel, to provide the driver with a visually excessive stage to ensure driving safety.

3, give up high power, high power, choose a high stability of the small and medium power supply.

Because the greater the power, the greater the amount of heat, and the more compact components inside, is not conducive to heat dissipation, and the temperature is the culprit of the power supply failure. Furthermore, the development of relatively low-power power supplies is relatively mature, with advantages in both stability and cost. In fact, many high-power power solutions have not been time-tested and proved by practice. All of them are rush-start projects and are experimental products. As a result, there are many kinds of faults. In contrast, due to the earlier development of small and medium-sized power supplies, the technical solutions must be mature.

4. Heat dissipation and protection are the main external factors of power failure.

Not only does the power supply itself generate heat, but also the lamps can heat up. How these two heat sources are emitted properly is a problem that must be considered by the lighting design engineer. It is necessary to prevent over-concentration of heat, create a heat island effect, and affect the life of the power supply. Using a split power scheme is a good choice.

5, the feasibility of maintenance.

The problem of power supply failure cannot be completely avoided. Chengdu Chaoyue Optronics has proposed the principle of simple maintenance. Only when the replacement of the power source is replaced with the light source of the conventional lighting is so simple, can the user be happy, even if the power supply is broken, the mood will not be bad, and the user's mood determines the LED lamp manufacturer's fate.

6, protective performance.

The protection problem is also very important. The penetration of moisture may cause a short circuit in the power supply. The dust on the enclosure will affect the heat dissipation of the power supply. Exposures can easily cause high temperatures and aging of wires and other components. From the experience in practical use, the rotation The wiring plug has a higher failure rate, and most of the leaks cause malfunctions.

7, modular design.

Modular design has become the current trend. It is necessary to think of ways to integrate the module power supply. If the power supply can be used to solve the maintenance problem, it will be welcomed by users. At the same time, it needs to establish interface standardization, so that different manufacturers LED lamp power supply can be used universally.

Summary: LED lamp power is best to use a split design, while focusing on the reliability and life of the power supply, even if increase the cost, only in the perspective of customers to design products, companies can get long-term development.

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