Siemens MM430 inverter repair fault alarm repair

Beijing Xinxin Feiya Technology's inverter maintenance engineers often encounter alarm A0501 fault in the daily maintenance of Siemens inverter. Below, we will alarm A0501 of Siemens MM430 inverter and A0501 of Siemens 6SE6430 inverter. The processing methods when the inverter is repaired are summarized as follows, hoping to provide some help for everyone.
When Siemens MM430 inverter alarm A0501 fails, the inverter trips and a fault code appears on the display. In order to reset the fault code, the inverter can use one of the following three methods when repairing:
1. Reapply the power supply voltage to the inverter.
2. Press the FN key on the BOP-2.
3, through digital input 3 (default setting)

Siemens 6SE6430 inverter alarm A0501 fault, can be understood as "current limiter" in inverter maintenance.
When the frequency converter is repaired, the analysis may be caused by the following reasons:
1. The power of the motor does not match the power of the inverter;
2. The connecting wire of the motor is too short.
Siemens 6SE6430 inverter alarm A0501 fault, can also be understood as "ground fault" in the inverter maintenance.
When the inverter is serviced, the fault diagnosis and measures to be taken are as follows:
Check the following items:
1. The motor power (P0307) must correspond to the inverter power (P0206).
2. The length of the cable must not exceed the maximum allowable value.
3, the motor cable and the motor must not have a short circuit or ground fault 4, the input motor parameters must be consistent with the actual use of the motor 5, the stator resistance value (P0350) must be correct 6. The motor cooling air duct is blocked, the motor Whether to overload the inverter, the measures that can be taken include: increase the ramp up time; reduce the value of “upgrade”.