Silan micro LED chip expansion technology transformation project will receive 49.76 million financial subsidies

[High-tech LED News] Hangzhou Silan Micro (600460) announced on November 23, 2011 that its wholly-owned subsidiary Hangzhou Shilan Mingxin Technology Co., Ltd. received the financial and information technology of Hangzhou Municipal Finance Bureau and Hangzhou City. The “Notice on the Release of the First Batch of Hangzhou Key Industries (Industrial and Informatization Special Projects) Development Funds issued by the Commission”

According to the "Notice", Silan Mingxin's "High-brightness LED chip production line expansion technology transformation" project will receive a total of 49.76 million yuan of financial support funds.

Yuhai Company develop and produce of various hemisphere, electrode and metallisation configurations. This range is fabricated from various  piezoelectric material formulations for applications such as  high power, sensitivity, stability needs. 


  •       Choice of metallisation (Silver, Nickel, Gold and others on request)
  •       Thickness frequency tuning available on request
  •       Wide choice of PZT formulations

Applications include

  •        Sonar transducers
  •        Hydrophones
  •        HIFU medical and industrial
  •        Underwater communications

Dimension range

Diameter          6-160mm                                                                            
Wall thickness             1-10mm

Pzt Piezoelectric Hemisphere

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