Silan Mingxin High Brightness Red LED Chip Developed Successfully

The high-brightness red LED chip is a high-luminance, reliable light-emitting device. Compared with the common structure of the red LED chip, the high-brightness red light chip adopts the bonding process to realize the substrate replacement, and the silicon substrate with good thermal performance (the thermal conductivity of silicon is about 1.5 W/ is used instead of arsenic. The gallium substrate (the thermal conductivity of gallium arsenide is about 0.8 W/, the chip has a lower thermal resistance value, and the heat dissipation performance is better, which is favorable for improving reliability. In addition, the plating layer is plated on the P-GaP, which is more efficient than the DBR mirror in the ordinary red light epitaxial layer. In order to overcome the total light reflection at the interface between the chip and the packaging material and reduce the light extraction efficiency, some surface texture structures are also fabricated on the chip. For chips of the same size and the same wavelength, the light intensity differs by more than two times at a current of 20 mA. Figure-1 is a schematic cross-sectional view of a high-brightness red chip. Figure-2 is a physical picture of the chip.

Figure-1 Schematic diagram of high-brightness red light chip

Figure-2 High Brightness Red Light Chip

High-brightness red LED chips are mainly used in applications where high brightness and reliability are required due to their high luminous efficiency and high reliability, such as curtain wall screens and LCD backlights. Previously, due to the insufficient brightness of the ordinary red LED chip, the usual composition in a full-color module consisting of red (R) green (G) blue (B) is a blue chip, a green chip, and two ordinary Red light chip. Now if you use a high-brightness red chip, one can meet the requirements.

Moreover, the reliability is high and the maintenance cost is significantly reduced.

At present, there are more red-light chips of common structure on the market, the price is already very low, and the profit margin is very high. The bright red chip has a large market demand. Due to the difficulty in manufacturing technology, there are only a few The company can supply in bulk, and the product has a high cost performance.

At the end of 2008, Silan Mingxin Technology Co., Ltd. began to develop high-brightness red light chips. The technical team constantly adjusted the test plan and optimized the process parameters to make the metal bonding process window between different thermal expansion coefficient materials wider, bond yield and reliability. Sex is guaranteed.

Metal reflective properties have always been a major factor affecting the brightness of red chips, and this problem has been completely solved through extensive testing.

The improper electrode alloy condition of the light-emitting diode causes the electrode to fall off when the gold wire is bonded. For the high-brightness red light chip, the electrode alloy has a higher process requirement. In order to solve the problem of adhesion between the electrode and the red epitaxial layer, the technical team of Silan Ming core has done a lot of experiments and repeated verification work on surface treatment, alloy layer structure and alloy condition, which overcomes the problem that the electrode is easy to fall off.

The parameters of Shilan Mingxin high-brightness red light chip have reached the advanced level, and entered mass production in July 2009. The chip size specifications currently produced are 280 um x 280 um, 350 um x 350 um.


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