Simple and beautiful, moving the election AMAZFIT trial report

"Before writing" The current wearable device market can be described as flourishing. Many of the products are mostly functionally designed. Although they are functional, they are difficult to win. Huami, which opened the market with a millet bracelet, announced that its sales exceeded 10 million units by September of this year. On September 16th, the brand new high-end independent brand AMAZFIT was officially released. AMAZFIT is different from other function-driven design products. Its products are driven by appearance, and fashion is the core element. The two products released by Moon Equator have subverted the sensory experience of the people on the sports bracelet with a superior design, and combine sports, science and technology, culture and fashion in a perfect balance. . Come with me and experience this fashion bracelet like a warm jade.

When receiving the AMAZFIT, Huami very careful packaging design can feel its high-end and beautiful market positioning, the overall use of black matte special paper, the overall size is moderate, feel very comfortable, the middle is imprinted with the AMAZFIT LOGO, and The peritoneal UV layer, highlighted by gloss, contrasts with matt specialty papers. It is very simple but very high-grade. Its visual sense and feel is as good as that of smartisan T1.

After opening the packaging, the AMAZFIT lunar cream immediately appeared in front of the eyes, like a Chinese-style high-end jewelry in the jewelry box. Warm jade, refined and refined. The 18K rose gold bracelet borders the main body of the crystal-clear bracelet. It is simple and beautiful, just like the 2008 Beijing Olympic gold-plated jade medal design. With white leather wristbands, low-key, elegant. A trendy and extravagant style has hit the wind. AMAZFIT's design was jointly designed by Huami team United Nations goddess Shen Gaoyuanyuan, and put forward their own fashion concept - "Besides applying to sports scenes, the bracelet should also focus on the adaptability of other application scenarios such as work, business, dinner, etc." The perfect balance of sports, technology, culture, and fashion.

With such a beautiful design, its production materials are also different from other products. AMAZFIT has thus changed the way that other wristband products are usually made of metal and plastic materials, and uses zirconia ceramics as the main body material of the bracelet. Wahimi officials claim that the hardness of this material is second only to diamond and sapphire. Withstand pressure and abrasion resistance, white appearance, like white jade, human skin, and not allergic. AF nano-anti-fingerprint coating can ensure long-term wear without fingerprints, can maintain a long-lasting luster as new. The above production process and raw material properties are both aesthetically pleasing and have the durability and practicality in mind.

At the same time, the waterproof and dustproof level can reach IP68, which can ensure daily water and normal wear when bathing, without having to remove the bracelet. (Because the Moon Cream uses 18K rose gold and leather wristbands, although the bracelet body has a high degree of waterproof and dustproof, taking into account the waterproofness of the bracelet shell and the wristband is not recommended for bathing and swimming.)

Inside the AMAZFIT packaging, the manuals are placed at the bottom of the bottom layer, and the base of the wireless charger is packaged as an accessory. However, the production is as high quality as the outer packaging, and the production process is the same as the outer packaging, which ensures the visual consistency of the overall packaging. .

At present, many wearable smart devices mostly use electric shock absorption charging design. Because of the integrated design of the AMAZFIT ring, the wireless wearable technology and the very rare wireless charging technology in the entire technology industry are used, making it the leading player in the bracelet charging industry. The charger design is very small and exquisite, the maximum output power is 5V/1A. The cable uses a weaving process similar to Kevlar's headphone cable, which is similar to a millet headphone cable. The cable is tough, stretch-resistant, and not easily wound. The front of the charger is equipped with a LED indicator in the middle of the front of the charger. When the bracelet is properly charged, it flashes the same [shown below]. (Here you will ask how to charge correctly. Is there an error charging? Yes, the bracelet body is There are no text patterns on the front and back sides, and the logo and serial number of AMAZFIT are engraved on the back. Only when the back is face down, it will be charged normally. Anyway, when charging is face down, it cannot be charged, and the indicator light will not flicker.)

Talking about the charger, it must be said that the battery is the main body of the bracelet. Because of the integral design of the AMAZFIT for the ring, the battery uses the fan-shaped battery of the opposite sex, and the battery capacity of 15mA can be used continuously for 10 days or even longer. The excellent battery life also depends on ADI's new generation of sensors. In addition to ensuring accurate mobile data, low power consumption also ensures long-term use.

The removal of the body of the AMAZFIT moon cream bracelet is also very convenient. There is an invisible buckle behind the hand ring frame. The light frame can be opened to remove the main body of the bracelet. It is convenient for charging to remove and conveniently replace other types of AMAZFIT wrists. Belts and accessories

AMAZFIT's official APP - The function of Mizuno (iOS) and Xiaomi Sports is as early as the first time. The basic functions of sports step counting, motion planning, smart reminding, sleep quality analysis, and free payment are all available to you. On the functional design My evaluation is practical enough, but it is too simple. The support for other sports monitoring is too scarce, and the simple few steps of exercise do not feel enough to satisfy the demands of current sports interests.

I am personally satisfied with the smart reminder function, thanks to the small mechanical vibrator motor mentioned by Huang Wang at the AMAZFIT conference. The quake is much more comfortable than the millet bracelet and the weloop. The vibration is not very strong, but it is enough to reach the level of human wrist perception, not particularly stiff.

In general, the functional perfection of Mi Dong has only reached the state of basic embryonic development until now. It is still a long way to go to achieve an excellent user experience and various functional improvements. Its implementation is only in the IOS version, and the Android version is still Unpublished, there is a great obstacle to the future sales of products, although the IOS user base is very strong, but the proportion of Android users is not to be underestimated.

If you ask me to recommend the current smart wearable products in the style of simple and stylish to force the bracelet, AMAZFIT is my first choice. Although it is a smart sports bracelet, but simple and beautiful, stylish atmosphere of the brand properties even over the functional characteristics of the sports bracelet, it is too beautiful, like a wonderful craft jewelry, let us forget his sport Attributes. The functionality is very pure and purely cannot be classified as a smart wearable product. This conclusion has two meanings. It is a single feature of the current function. The hardware is well-made but the software is lack of functionality. It is not very smart. What is embarrassing is that the highest level of smart technology is to make you feel the existence of smart technology. AMAZFIT is like jewelry in our lives, and it is the first step to feel technology. So how do you go in the next step? Let us look forward to the next generation of AMAZFIT products.