Skyworth 55G8S new product release to improve home forced to buy it right

Recently, I have been distressed, so that my home can be more than others forced more than others, is to have hot eyes.

Must buy black technology bursts of electronic equipment can only be forced to force, is it iPhone 7, can carefully think again, I bought, and finally still use the wife to play the remaining 6S, it is better to buy a home together to enjoy the stuff. Then what is our favorite thing to do home, watch TV, play mobile phones, then look at the TV slightly.

I heard that Skyworth, a giant of science and technology, wanted to create an exclusive new product launch in Jingdong. I initially looked at it with a disdain. When I went to, what circumstances, whether there was a face value or not, wait, let me look again.

Daguan Feng Meng unbounded, this name has connotations, enough domineering, installed force or want people to hear their names.

The 2.2mm TV is thinner than the iPhone 7 and my god, the black tech god wants to go against the sky, and my mind is wide open, I feel like I need to buy a shell to protect it. A little heart can't stand it. Look at it again. Hey, this The goods actually received the German Red Dot Design Award, and I like this kind of embarrassing product.

No matter how good the value is, no inner beauty does not work. Ge Youyi also needs to be a good partner. Now I don't say that my TV with HDR is not a good TV, not to mention the wide color gamut, MEMC+, local dimming technology, and 55G8S. Sell ​​it to kill the audience. Feel the kidneys are a bit dull, don't worry about selling it.

Take a deep breath, I do not buy TV without audio, after all, I am a music enthusiast, but also forced to have more attitude. And so on, JBL Bluetooth stereo, under repeated look, this sound is not loud enough to move, kidney or not to protect it.

Now watching TV is the most annoying thing is not to watch, finally go home with his wife nestled together, see a US drama, do not update, see a movie, no resources, no matter what. Now that my wife is watching "China's New Song", I see the NBA, Tencent's film and television background, big content, and the remote control.

It's fun to bring someone with family together. After that, my son can proudly tell his little friends that my parents are watching TV. You all come to our house to play.

There are too many black technology, forcing the full, or do not start, Skyworth Grand View new products starting on the 9th, thin to 4.9mm all-metal body, borderless 4KHDR version of the TV, and now involved in buying, deposit 100 yuan to 1100 yuan, the top 500 Comments blueprint send again worth 499 yuan subwoofer, but also participate in the draw, I heard there is a signature version of the national football clothing, football!

In order to force the home, buy a Skyworth 55G8S TV, worth it!

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