Smart home function design

Features of SMARHOM Smart Home System
(1) Security
SMARHOM smart home system is not only a home security system, but also covers the safety of people, money, and objects throughout the home. It includes home security, safe use of electricity, water, and gas, fire, smog, and family accidents. The notification and processing of the system, while the system uses weak electricity to control the strong electricity, so that you are away from the threat of strong electricity....smarhom safety system allows you and your home to be in the space-time security protection - SMARHOM in the "hand", safety protection.
(2) Comfort
Accurate home environment regulation system: According to the standard of living environment, system parameters are designed to monitor and adjust the temperature, humidity, light intensity, haze, etc. of the home environment, and to maintain the most suitable living environment for the human body at home at any time, so that you and your family can feel at ease. , comfortable and healthy enjoy modern life.
(3) Convenience
2 Scene modes such as entertainment, meeting, bedtime, home, away from home, etc. - Each scene is set according to the owner's habits. One-button operation allows lights, curtains, air conditioners and other home devices to work together, saving you from going back and forth. To control the switch of each device individually, quickly and conveniently!
2 kinds of control terminals: Android mobile phone, LCD panel control terminal, hand-held SMARHOM remote control, etc. can be selected. You can control the scene at home or remotely through the mobile phone or the network to avoid remote control. A lot of messy remote control troubles; Multimedia TV more than 500 sets of programs, voice-activated station selection, convenient and quick.
2 Smarhom smart home system not only reflects the control of home equipment, but also reflects the management of family affairs: the weather is too hot to set a constant temperature; the weather is too humid to set up a constant humidity, while you can choose to set regular home disinfection, regular notification services; Kitchen leaks, gas, electricity, the system can automatically close the gate and tell the household to deal with; go out, home video survey; pet regular feeding, watering system, regular pouring... old children and kids help unexpectedly... let your family affairs clear and fast
(4) Cost-effective mature smart home products
2 SMARHOM smart home system is a mature and stable product. It is the crystallization of Guangzhou Shumeihao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.'s development and research in the past ten years. It adopts the most stable and reliable bus control technology and its core processing is the mature and stable M-BUS master technology from Europe.
2 SMARHOM smart home system, designed for smart homes for many years of technical accumulation, and has a professional service team, after-sales commitment to warranty for five years, better than foreign ABB, Crestron, Schneider and other international brands
2 SMARHOM intelligent control system is based on military technology. System products have industrial-grade standards. They operate stably in high-ambient or extremely low-temperature environments. Smarhom control systems avoid the instability of other wireless solutions and slow response. The shortcomings of the products, such as high heat life and short life, make your family investment enjoy long-term worry-free return.
2 Compared with similar schemes such as ABB, Crestron, Schneider, AMX, etc., they have unparalleled high performance-to-price ratio.
I. SMARHOM smart home system
1. SMARHOM smart home system design concept
Ø The most stable product control options: bus and network wireless supplement;
Ø Military advanced system control design concept, strong electricity control weak current, high quality, good stability, convenient operation;
Ø Realize materialization
Ø Humanity - Smart home control system tailored to the Chinese people's living habits. The products are in line with the international advanced technology level, without radiation, safety and stability;
Ø Flexibility and expandability: Modular and open product design can be installed according to your needs, and the control system can be upgraded and expanded at any time;
Ø Powerful: It has indoor and outdoor automatic product integration control; outdoor control is also compatible with the access control system, can achieve remote control, smart watering and other functions with strong compatibility: can control the vast majority of automation products;
Ø Autonomy, creativity: Lighting, curtains, home appliances linkage can fully demonstrate your individual requirements;
Ø One-key scene function: not only a single point of control, but also a one-key device linkage can be set to open or close as required;
Ø One-touch calling function: used for home calls, or emergency calls,
Ø A variety of control terminals: support for multiple control methods of touch panel, computer terminal, mobile SMS, and smart phone, on-site or remote; different control terminals can have different authorized control areas.
Intelligent Security System
Anti-theft alarm, surveillance camera, gas and smoke alarms, water leakage, leakage, emergency call, etc.
Intelligent environment comfort system
Temperature, humidity, illumination, air quality, PM2.5, harmful air, curtain control, etc.
Intelligent Information System
Smartphone control, network control, alarm, SMS control, TV entertainment voice control, etc.
Intelligent lighting system
Lights are turned off by people, controlled according to ambient brightness, linked with other equipment systems such as security, scene control, etc.
Intelligent entertainment system
TV network control, background music, home entertainment system (theater), WIFI network coverage, karaoke, distance education, shopping, etc.
Intelligent entry and spray system
Access control and access control, automatic shower, pet feeding, automatic entrance of gates and garages, etc.