Smartwatch or choose a round, HolaSmart X1 experience

With the rapid popularization of smart life, some traditional products of the device are undergoing the impact of intelligent life, among which smart watches have become an effective enemy of traditional mechanical watches. However, there are still a large number of users still dedicated to traditional watches and relatives and friends. So is there such a traditional and smart product? The answer is yes, today the author brought this one called "HolaSmart X1" smart watch is such a versatile product, and the price is only 499 yuan. Thanks again for the support of the evaluation provider - Tech Octopus.

Hola Smart X1's packaging and accessories are very simple. Hola Smart X1's paper packaging box is as cool and black as a watch and has a square appearance. The texture is slightly poor, it can be seen that there is no excessive consumption of energy on the packaging;

Accessories, in addition to the charger, is the user guide. Hola Smart X1 chose a round dial, and the black and white dial design also brings classic black and white visual effects, so that the hands and figures can be better eye-locked in the first time. The size of the 424912.5mm dial is obviously more suitable for boys.

The charger uses a 2-point touch-mounted design.

The Hola Smart X1 case is made of black stainless steel and not only has a solid material, but also has a good texture. The excellent workmanship makes the case look and feel, and the gloss and feel are very good. In the middle is the needle adjustment knob, and above the knob is the smart button. The feeling of key feedback is not good,

The strap is far from the cortical wristband, but it is not a leather strap, but it is a skin-friendly silicone material. It is interesting to walk around the material of the silicone and put the original low-key strap on the strap. Big. With both business atmosphere and soft comfort, it can serve two purposes.

The back of the dial also uses silver stainless steel metal. In addition to a circle of symbolic serial numbers, the most notable feature is the Swiss logo. .

The time display module uses the Rhonda watch quartz movement from Switzerland's second-largest movement manufacturer. The quasi-pass is the key, and the battery of the SONY SR616SW movement is used, and the battery life is 3 years.

The HolaSmart X1 APP is roughly similar to other manufacturers. It is relatively simple and incorporates records of data on exercise sleep data. At the same time, it also introduces some community information to facilitate mutual supervision among friends.

The overall APP does not have a lot of remarkable places in connection and stability, and there are no obvious short boards.

It is worth mentioning that the Hola Smart X1 adopts discrete power management. The smart module and the time display module do not interfere with each other independently. The smart module uses a 90 mAh polymer lithium battery and can be charged in two hours, and Can bring up to 30 days of life, enough to meet the lazy cancer party daily.

In terms of wearing, 100g still has a little weight. The first time to wear the scales on the surface of the disk is not the traditional 1 to 12 arrangement, but the display in minutes from 05 to 60, it feels like the car dashboard will tachometer, or a bit unsuitable , but the habit is good, but also reflects the Hola Smart X1's fashion personality. At the same time, the Hola Smart X1 supports 3ATM waterproof and does not have to be removed with silicone wristbands.

The Hola Smart X1 interactively responds to information through the traditional dial. 12 white LED lights. When the 10, 11, and 12 LEDs are on at the same time, it means that there is an incoming call; 12, 1, and 2 are on at the same time, it means that a new one is received. SMS; if the LED is blinking at 4 then it means there is not much left in the battery.

Summary: HolaSmart X1 Euler smart sports watch, as a "traditional" quartz watch, he used the Swiss Rhonda clock movement to make accurate and timely play. Ronda Movement (watch movement Swiss Rhonda), quartz watch movement, is a Swiss professional brand movement, is the embodiment of the nobility, in the intelligent recording of motion data for the user, information to remind; no longer monotonous. The price of 499 yuan in reverse price, is also an important factor for many fans to pursue. "Hard and not expensive" to describe the HolaSmart X1 is just right!