Technology genre is not clear consumers trapped true and false LED TV puzzle

Two different technology genres and a variety of different pricing, making the purchase of LED TVs not easy, coupled with the misleading propaganda staff, consumers fall into the true and false LED TV puzzle. The insiders suggest that the promotion staff should be responsible to the consumers, and the store should also post the classification of professional products and consumer guides to reduce the difficulty of consumers' purchase.

Consumers are trapped in true and false LEDs

A few days ago, the reporter received a report from Chen’s consumer, saying that he bought a fake LED TV in the store, but the promotion staff did not recognize this fact.

Last weekend, Ms. Chen bought a 47-inch domestic brand LED TV at a certain store, the price was only 3,999 yuan, and the price of the same size products of other brands in the store was close to 8,000 yuan. The promotion of 8,000 yuan products said that the reason for the low price is precisely because of the purchase of "fake" LED TV. Buy LED products must pay attention to the price, the price of the product is the real price.

Ms. Chen believes that the TV body she purchased is only 2-3 cm thick and has a beautiful appearance. This is the basic feature of LED TV. However, the above promoters said that despite the thin body, but the product cooling capacity is poor, power consumption is also very large, the display effect is very poor, especially the black and white contrast, did not achieve the true effect of LED.

Under such circumstances, Ms. Chen hopes to be able to return the previously purchased products. The shopping guide told Ms. Chen that the return can be, but the brand is definitely not a fake LED. The role of LED backlights is to make TVs thinner, which is what LEDs do instead of LCDs. To distinguish whether it is a true LED, it is necessary to look at the thickness. The product with a thickness of more than 3 cm is actually an LCD. Ms. Chen was confused by two sales people.

Commercial LEDs are divided into two types

LED TV is indeed divided into two technical genres. Liu Wei, general manager of Aowei Consulting Flat Panel Display Consulting Division, said that the two technologies are side-in LED and direct-lit LED. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the costs are also different. The pricing of terminal products is naturally different.

The ultra-thin TVs on the market are side-entry LEDs. There is a relative advantage in price. The appearance is beautiful, the price is moderate, and the popularity has been faster in recent years.

The other is a direct-lit LED, which is uniformly disposed behind the liquid crystal panel as a light source, so that the backlight can be uniformly transmitted to the entire screen, and the picture details are more delicate and realistic. Direct-lit LEDs have been widely adopted by many TV manufacturers at the beginning of the world, and are also favored by more high-end consumers. However, due to the high price, it is difficult to make the product thin and light, and marketing has become very difficult.

Liang Zhenpeng, a home appliance analyst, pointed out that the direct-lit LED circuit design is not easy, which is why the terminal cost price is high, and its superior contrast and brightness are ignored by non-professional consumers. Volkswagen prefers products that are light in appearance and low in price, which is why sales in the direct market are not good.

Tripartite linkage to create consumption convenience

In recent years, the television display industry has developed by leaps and bounds. Many new display methods are divided into two technical genres. For example, at the beginning of the flat-panel TV, there were liquid crystal and plasma. The LCD TV is divided into CCFL liquid crystal and LED liquid crystal, and the LED is divided into two types: direct type and side type. 3D TVs also have shutter and passive points. In this context, consumers who do not have professional knowledge can easily be fooled.

The industry generally believes that it is easier for consumers to purchase, and they have to work hard in three aspects. The first is the store promoter. Appliance manufacturers must regulate the promotion behavior of store promoters, and when they introduce products to consumers, they can follow the attitude of seeking truth from facts, so as not to lose the trust of consumers. In addition, Liang Zhenpeng also believes that the store should post a consumer guide. In the attitude of serving consumers, the store will post product technical briefs in a prominent position for products with technical classifications, and consumers will be more convenient to purchase. In addition, at present, one promoter will always smash the other's products, and the other products will be said to be useless. Consumers must understand the products to a certain extent before purchasing the products, and they should not be biased in the purchase.

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