"The Story of the Core": 79 Smart Necklace

In 2015, smart wearable products can be said to be infinitely bright, but quietly quieted down in 2016. The reasons are: homogenous functions, crude appearance, blind competition, and ignoring others, resulting in limited user frequency and viscosity, and vertical domain segmentation. It is imminent. Today, Sun Zhidai received the "core language" smart necklace from Shenzhen Seventy-ninth Science and Technology Co., Ltd. The beauty of the heart is all in everyone's eyes. It is more of a woman's nature and just need. It can be said that as long as the material is high-grade, the appearance is exquisite. Embellished with a sense of science and technology, smart jewellery as a branch of smart wearable products will surely shine, and how it will behave. Let's look at Sun Zhidai.
Unpacking articles:

In plain terms, Sun Zhidai has always attached importance to product functions only to many manufacturers, and the lack of attention to the appearance of the product is very confusing, not to mention packaging. 79 Smart Necklace gave them a resounding slap in the face, this is the packaging box that jewelry should have. I believe many of my sisters have a special liking for Tiffany, not only for their diamonds, but also for the classic blue box design. 79 Smart Necklace Box Whole body milk white, wrapped with a pink string, with a value comparable to a small blue box. The male compatriots paid attention to the high-energy warning in front of them. The facts prove that the products that are “scarred in gold and jade” are sisters whose first impression is bad feedback. The heart is definitely rejected. As for whether you believe it or not, I believe it anyway.

Open the box, 79 smart necklace to never lose the value of traditional jewelry deeply attracted the author's attention, disc pendant design, in the middle of the gorgeous natural black shell, the light reflects the colorful light, bezel Surrounded by 32 Swarovski zircons, the gold-plated jade texture is superb.

With the advent of any classic jewellery, the masters need to immerse themselves wholeheartedly in the feelings of listening and expressing their own beauty and presenting it to the user. 79 Smart Necklace also devoted a lot of effort to the designers, sketched out a stroke, sketched out the balance of smart beauty.

79 core language intelligent necklace jewelry inlay technology, material selection and use of materials to pursue the ultimate perfection, natural seashells as gem material, the chain vacuum plating into a rose gold color, to ensure that there will be no bleaching phenomenon. At the same time as ensuring the main function of the dress up, the microelectronics technology is applied, and the electronic components are embedded to realize the three functions of step counting function, sleep monitoring, and notification reminding. Both can be taken into consideration.

79 smart necklace does not have the usual smart wearable products should have the display, this point Sun Chi-dai is very much in favor of, if the surface is a block of LCD screen, do not know that they wear a digital watch on the neck. 79 Smart Necklace is also extremely time-savvy, with its clever design. In the outer shell of the black shell, 12 LED lights are hidden inside, usually not bright, touch the black shell, different flashing means different meanings. First: Check the current time, click on the black shell, the hour hand light is always on, the minute hand light is flashing, taking the map as an example, it represents the time of 6:45 minutes. But what Sun Zhidai must explain is that this design is ingenious, practical and inadequate, and it takes some practice to quickly determine the current time. In the pursuit of efficiency today, whoever uses one or two say 88. Second: After the current time is displayed, the 12 LED lights will turn on clockwise one after the other, and the progress size will be used as the judgement user to complete the setting of the amount of exercise and the completion of the target. The default 12 lights are all on behalf of the goal set on the day. Third: When the smart necklace of the core language receives the phone, LED lights at the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th and 4th directions flash at the same time to remind the user to answer the phone in time. Excuse me? Why not shake at the same time? Are you sure the user will find that the lights under the neck are flashing? The design here is definitely not considered!

79 Smart Necklace adopts drop-shaped lobster clasp and adjustment ring. The three positions can be adjusted to suit the sisters with different thickness and neck. The total length of the chain is 52cm. It is a very delicate short cross chain, shining gold and shining.  

79 smart necklace metal shell material for the 316L titanium steel, through the environmental vacuum plating into 18K rose gold, to achieve IP-X7 life waterproof, daily drop of water splash without pressure, but can not take a bath or swimming. The dial has a diameter of 2.8 cm, which is a little bit bigger, especially for the delicate sister of the neck. Taking into account its built-in gyroscopes and tracking algorithms, the battery life using traditional lithium batteries is also understandable.

79 Smart Necklace Use ordinary button batteries as the power source, the advantages and disadvantages are also obvious, it will give the user 3 months of high life, but also inevitably produce a second replacement fee, fish and bear's paw can not have both, After all, no one likes to stare at the necklace every day and see if the power is exhausted. There is an arrow at 10 points on the back cover to open the slot.

Remove the old battery, according to the original position to put a new battery, the battery positive and negative must be aligned, this is a bit common sense basic can be accurate replacement, the back cover 12 hole cover aligned press, go to hear it Fasten firmly. Need to remind everyone that the battery replacement will be more than 1 minute after the restart time of the necklace, at this time can not be Bluetooth binding, patiently waiting.
Scene articles:

People are more colorful than flowers, and things are more beautiful than flowers. They say 79 smart jewelry. The red, yellow, and green colors reflect each other, and it seems that the core language series is elegant and noble. In terms of quality, intelligent jewellery is more precise and reliable than traditional jewelry. Love is the last word, and how to make users like it is that 79 people have been tireless. The pursuit.

79 Smart Necklace The dial uses a black seashell as a mirror. It reflects different radiances from various angles in the sun. It is not immutable, and it greatly satisfies the requirements for beauty-loving women. The Swarovski zircons that are set around the dial use Hyunmei's color cutting technology to make the crystal clearer and more brilliant. Some implied beauty may have a thousand Hamlets for a thousand people, but such an intuitive beauty is believed to be obvious to all.

79 smart necklace chain is also different in general, the choice is "Cartier cross chain", crisscross, interlocking, ingenious design adds invisible overall degree of flash, 3 length adjustment, wear on demand, there is always suitable length.

Exquisite 316L stainless steel shell, compared with 18K gold, the appearance and brightness of the naked eye almost no difference.

Use article:

79 Smart Necklace's instructions are very simple and intuitive, of course, the most important is that there is indeed not much to speak of, although the word hanging smart, the necklace is ultimately a necklace, the biggest role or decoration. Apple mobile phone users can directly scan the QR code above to download a dedicated APP, and Android users need to go to the major application market to search for "Movnow Plus" (download +) download, similar to the ordinary APP, all the way to the next step to complete installation. Open the Bluetooth mobile phone, the first thing to complete is the core language smart necklace and mobile phone APP pairing work, close the necklace and mobile phone, use the APP search device to click on the connection, if you have been prompted that the pairing is unsuccessful, remember to try to shake 79 smart necklace, complete the match Later, even if the back of the connection is disconnected, the speed of reconnection is very fast. Sun Zhidai is very satisfied with this.

After entering the APP, the first step is to set up monitoring user's personal information, and then enter the use state after completion. The core language necklace has a very precise motion monitoring chip that can record daily activities of the user - the number of calorie counting and calories burned. Although Sun Chi-dai personally think that these so-called monitoring of sports data function, just recording the user's movement data is actually not a matter of course, but it can also promote the power of the user to lose weight, better than nothing! The author hopes that with the continuous advancement of science and technology, the function of the sensor will continue to increase. From the simple stage of recording to the guidance stage, it will be the arrival of a truly intelligent era.

79 Smart Necklace will record the amount of daily exercise of the user. It is equivalent to how many calories are consumed in the conversion. The PK is also used as the essential function of smart wearable products.

Click the function button in the upper right corner of the interface. The list will display historical exercise monitoring data in days, weeks, and months respectively. The accuracy to the number of steps per hour makes it easy to see at a glance.

Weekly and monthly data records, weight loss is by no means a verbal statement. The circle of friends expresses determination, but it takes a long-term commitment, completes a small step every day, and takes a big step in one month and two months. It is not deceptive, this may be the greatest value of the function of sports monitoring, right?

Sleep monitoring function for the smart necklace, tasteless, abandoned it is not a pity. Sun Chi-Dai personally took a night to test the function. It kept swaying and led to neck pain for the next day. He told me that I only slept well last night, how deep my sleep time was, and how long my sleep time was. Come on, sleep well, users do not know it?

If you need the call alert function, you can open it in my device.

The number of daily sports goal steps can also be modified here, and movement and sleep are generally automatic switching of the sensor built into the necklace, without human intervention.

79 smart necklace main three functions: decorative function; wearing equipment activities, sleep, APP can be a numerical record; when the phone calls can be flashing light reminder; software version is fine when you can detect it, the first time to update, you can solve The existing BUG adds new features to give users a better experience.

At the same time that he received the 79 smart necklace, Sun Zhidai also received a bracelet from Xinli Smart Jewelry. The box has a high value for expression. There are pictures and the truth. If you are a sister, do not look at the product list to see the packaging. Which product do you think is more valuable? This question should be answered very well!

The comparison chart of the two products, in fairness, does not have the same category of jewelry, but it is intuitive that the 79 smart necklace is more eye-catching, while the Truly intelligent bracelet is more luxurious and reserved.
Show articles:

79 Smart Necklaces There are three styles, from left to right are rose gold/white shells, 18K gold/black shells, white gold/white shells, different styles, diversified choices, and matching clothes.

In all fairness, the function of the 79 smart necklace is not outstanding compared with other smart wearable products, but it is the main value of the smart necklace. How to attract women is the most important thing and the emphasis is different. Next we appreciate the display effect of the model wear.

The sea shells of the ordinary sea gifts are exquisitely crafted and shine with soft luster. As the body swings, it reflects different colors. The black shell represents the tranquility and the white shell represents the enthusiasm. With a solid color dress, the most beautiful side is displayed!