Two departments promote solar photovoltaic building

The General Office of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development jointly issued a notice a few days ago that in order to accelerate the launch of the domestic solar photovoltaic building application market and further increase the level of solar photovoltaic building applications, the 2012 photoelectric building application policy will be tilted towards the green ecological city. High degree of project tilt.

The notice stated that the public buildings and civil buildings in green ecological districts should be encouraged to focus on the use of photovoltaic power generation. Green eco-city districts should aim for livability, green, and low carbon, and focus on residential functions. The ratio of renewable energy buildings such as solar photovoltaic power generation should be used as a binding indicator. Green buildings should achieve a certain percentage, and resources should be realized as a whole. Save and use and protect the ecological environment.

Relying on the solar photovoltaic building integration demonstration project, museums, science and technology museums, gymnasiums, convention centers, airport terminals, and station construction projects, building materials and component photovoltaic modules with high degree of integration, photovoltaic systems and construction projects Synchronous design, simultaneous construction, and a good combination of photovoltaic system and architecture. The building ontology should meet national or local building energy efficiency standards.

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Soft LED Display

Soft LED Display

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