What's the performance of this stand-alone Bambarit intelligent companion robot standing on the air outlet?

At present, children's smart consumer markets are the most popular, or standing on the "spill", than the children's smart toys in various types of smart robot coats. They are either the main players to accompany the family, or the main bilingual players, or the main video intercom, etc. Of course, the theme is for children.


When the first time he got the “Emotional Robot” from Barbados, the tail was rejected. Because, though, as an experiencer of Clearboat Media, I can't say that you would let me experience it and I would experience it. Such children's robots have used several brands on their own and have repeatedly vomited, and the power of the unrepentant. However, after the procrastination was cured, it was found that Xiaoteng was still in a trough, but he still had a bit of meaning in terms of design, philosophy, and function. Of course, it is also abandoning the added family cards and only looking at the price of the product itself.

Meng Meng appearance, no screen my favorite

Xiaoteng's target user group is 2-8 years old, so it is necessary to put security first in terms of appearance and material. From the appearance point of view, Xiaoteng's overall appearance is relatively rounded, there is no sharp corners, do not worry that children will be accidentally bruised. From the material point of view, after the small Teng out of the box and no odor, white color, the side reflects the material used should not be bad.

Moreover, the small size of the Teng 201814cm is just right, and the lighter one is only 560g , so there is no burden on children. However, there is one point, it is small Teng round rolling body, adults are difficult to control one hand, it is recommended that children use the best way to hold or two-handed operation. This is the original intention of the design. Closeness is the first step in the company.

Xiaoteng's entire workmanship is not bad, the middle of the fuselage split joints, eye state lights and functional keypad with the fuselage of the joints, as well as speakers, card slots and other types of openings, all look more refined, and did not appear Inconsistent widths and rough interfaces.

Teng's appearance is divided into three functional divisions: operation, status, and expansion. The operation area is the button switch that the child on the top of the small Teng talks to, and the function key area on the front of the body. There are six buttons on the top to provide message sending and receiving, volume adjustment, playback pause, track switching, collection, and directory respectively. Such functions, instructions are also relatively clear, low operating costs.

The status area is the front eye status light of Teng Teng’s head. People say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. Originally a rigid machine, but through the eyes of different state changes, let Teng have a vitality show. Underneath the glasses, there is an LED lamp hidden inside , which is the breathing light of Teng Teng. It is also part of the status display. At the same time, Teng's ear lobe is also an indicator light, but this design always reminds me of stalwart warriors, sweat.

At the same time, the tail recognizes this child product design without a color screen. As we all know, the screens of digital products such as mobile phones and ipad have great harm to children's glasses. For Teng who targets the robot accompanied by robots, if there is a block screen, although the targeted user groups of 2-8 are in poor self-control, they are afraid to think about it. Therefore, Xiao Teng does not bring the screen once and for all, and the voice interaction is very good. Of course, the user who needs the screen interaction function or the video call function will also pay attention to the detailed parameters such as the size and resolution of the screen when selecting other products.

Extensions, defined by themselves are not considered appropriate. Xiao Teng behind the laser carving LOGO is the following speakers, although the sound quality and desktop audio can not be compared, but more than twice the price experienced before the brand of a child's robot, to be much stronger, Xiao Teng is also considered sincere.

Xiao Teng's soles have two surrounding non-slip mats. Although the anti-slip effect is quite good, it is not very useful. Because for small Teng himself, if you push him, it will still fall. Xiao Teng designed the on/off switch button on one side of his feet and designed the TF card slot and USB/ charger connector on the other side . Here can't help but want Tucao, why design TF card slot? Although the increase in storage expansion, but directly increase the built-in storage? In young children's products TF or try not to be bare.

Functional experience, companionship is the longest confession


In fact, anyone who does not want to care for their baby 24 hours can actually be the case. Most parents can accompany their children, learn with them, play with him, and spend time with them. Therefore, so many children are accompanied by robot products. From this point of view, parents' interaction with children through the product media is the biggest difference between this type of product and the ordinary story machine.


Since it is necessary to be far away from the horizon, close to the immediate interaction, then Teng access to home WiFi , and there is a dedicated APP to functional assistance is inevitable. Xiao Teng's dedicated APP can scan and download the QR code, but the APP name is "Amoy Cloud Interactive." At that time, the tail thought that the download was wrong and confirmed again and again. It is still hoped that the manufacturers will be able to unify their products and APP names so as to avoid misunderstandings.

After landing, you need to help Xiaoteng access to home WiFi . Teng small access process is very simple, is the mobile phone to connect small Teng hot, and then set the home WiFi parameters, suggesting that APP is very clear, while small Teng also synchronize voice prompts, for parents So easy.

Judging from official propaganda, Xiaoteng has major features such as parent-child education, affection groups, English-Chinese quick translation, scheduled shutdown, child lock, long standby, fast charging, one-click download, voice interaction, and human-machine interaction. In fact, daily use still needs to peel off bustling and pure.


Xiao Teng's voice prompts are still in place. When you turn on, sleep, and activate, you will have a lively child voice to tell you the current status. After networking, you will automatically broadcast the current time, say a little knowledge, and then start playing the recommended content. Have to say, Teng Teng's voice is indeed very nice, similar to "Qiaohu" dubbing tone, tone, tone are good, very like children. But there is still a slot, Xiao Teng will automatically go to sleep after not using it for a period of time, but there will be "Er.... I'm going to sleep, and the host will see you again!" , sometimes scared. It is recommended that the manufacturer optimize later.

Xiaoteng's voice recognition access is X-Flight, so it is guaranteed to have a quality dialogue with Xiaoteng. The types of voice conversations that can be identified include finding content by name, category, author, such as “I want to listen to stories”; conducting daily conversations, such as “What is your name?”; answering popular science knowledge, such as “Why does it rain in heaven?” Math operations; support for commonly used commands, such as "20:00 off"; use the help provided, such as "teach me how to play," Teng small children and everyday conversation is no problem. It may be limited to the rank of the information flight access service. Similar to the question “I want to listen to cheerful songs”, Teng could not identify the answer. In addition, Teng also supports Chinese-English translation. Long press the play button and speak Chinese. Xiao Teng can read English. The girl's pronunciation is very standard.

It may be that the above voice service is more dependent on the information flight and it is not a feature. Xiaoteng's voice mail function is considered to be the core function. Through cooperation with the APP , parents can receive baby voice messages, and the baby can also listen to what the father and mother say, and support the micro chat group, three small families to perform off-site happy chat . At the same time, parents can check the chat records of Baby and Teng Teng through the APP , realizing the children's ideological status in real time.

Xiaoteng APP not only serves as a soft medium for parents and children, Xiaoteng to communicate, but also recommends many songs, stories, and Chinese studies on cloud services. It classifies and supports downloads and collections so that parents and children can be targeted. Choose massive network resources.

Review, or return to value for money


On the surface lists a few small bright spot Proton itself, there are a few Tucao. In general, TengTeng's functions are similar to those of your friends' products, and they eventually return to the price. Xiao Teng's price on Taobao was only three or four hundred yuan, and the products of similar friends have also experienced themselves, far exceeding this price. Of course, experience that is more than a few times has also been experienced, and the extension of the function is higher. Under the premise of functional homogenization, regardless of the appearance of the garments covered by those manufacturers, the price/performance ratio is still king.