With SONY Sony PHA-3's clear stream of the world of headphones - beyerdynamic Beyerdynamic DT1770 PRO headphones

Just after the New Year came a blind monk, the Philips X2 that had been used before, people always have a kind of old and new ideas, so X2 listened for about a year to look like a new darling, began to have no favorite headphones, usually Listen to the OST more, this kind of music on the resolution and quality of headphones is very demanding, the front is temporarily Sony's PHA-3.

Later on the forum, someone was out of the box and said DT1770 came out with a flower. In the middle he saw that DT1770 was a monitor-type headset. The sound was relatively clean. The price just happened to be acceptable to me. Asked about the price in a lap, he finally picked up a low-priced voice shop and began to fear it was a fake. (If this unpopular headset is not a counterfeit person to drink the Northwest wind, then it is received, What are the criteria?

2016 regular - beyerdynamic flagship store - Tmall Tmall.com Taobao, shop, Wangpu, beyerdynamic flagship store beyerdynamic.tmall.com direct link

Do not talk nonsense, the following talk about the use of feelings and sense of hearing

When you got your hand, there wasn't much surprise. The size of the carton outside the headset was similar to that of the X2. The big-eared box would not be too small (except for Sony). One kind of idea that will be cut off by me one day, a bit small disappointment, but if the sound likes, these appearance things are all empty, Baia's logo is very conspicuous, lest let others see at first glance does not know is to worship Asia's headphones, this should learn Philips home, it is still relatively low-key.

It may be because of listening to headphones, DT1770's ear pressure is bigger than other big ears, see someone on the Internet said that the ear pressure is too large to listen to it, but as long as this can be used for a few days to support it It is not an abasement.

Listening Sense: Direct Push: Tri-band equalization, vocal far

If your phone is more than 3000, sound quality is OK, pushing the DT1770 is also possible to listen to, although the impedance is 250 ohms, but I still like direct push, who makes me not a real fan, how are you happy? Come on, now I have been using my Apple 6P. Although the low frequency dive is not so deep, the sound field is not so big, the vocals are not so poisonous, but at least it does not make Aunt Cai's voice become a little girl, the degree of sound reduction Still very good, this is one of the biggest features of this headset is not dirty.

After trying out Aunt Cai’s ferry, she also tried a recent folk song “Chengdu”. When I heard this song, some people wanted to whisper me. Listening to the ballad with a listening earphone was really not good. Because of its less dyeing, the relative tri-band frequency is relatively balanced, and the vocals are not close enough, so listening to such vocal-based nostalgic songs is not very suitable.

But on the contrary, listening to some pure music without lyrics would be relatively nice, trying a pure music with cucurbit as the main melody, nice to hear, and the cucurbit is very clean, with no impurities, more than X2. Monitor the taste inside.

With Sony PHA-3: deep dive, listening to pure music is very clean

For 250 Euros, the front end does not toss and seems to be justified, so take the grey PHA-3 for a long time to show its value. Write here, really find the ears of this cargo The pressure is great, but fortunately it's not the ear pressure. It's the ear. It's just trying to get it down. It's a bit arduous and it doesn't feel like it hurts, but the monitor headphones themselves should take into account the comfort of the ear. problem.

To be honest, with the addition of PHA-3, in addition to the deep bass dive, the sound field is a little bigger, there is not much change, if replaced with a desktop, this headset should be greatly improved, as the initial burning I do not want to toss so much, old burn can try, for a headset that inherits the style of Bayea home, buy it can deeply feel the unique style of Bayea.

to sum up:

For those who like to have relatively balanced three-frequency, less dyeing, and then later on the front-end have ideas for improvement can consider this section, suitable for listening to some pure music, not suitable for vocal and other nostalgic songs, musical instruments can also listen to, This headset is more than enough.

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