Xiamen Xinchen Community LED Wireless Information Release System

Xiamen Xinchen Community LED Wireless Information Release System
1. Community LED wireless information release project background
With the continuous maturity of LED technology, the cost of LEDs has been greatly diverted, and the cost of LED displays has also dropped significantly. The dramatic drop in the cost of LED displays has undoubtedly promoted the popularity of LED display applications.
2. Community LED wireless information release project advantages
2.1. Attract audiences; large screens, super-vision, high brightness, long life, rich colors, and various display modes are popular with the majority of residents.
2.2. Conspicuous position; excellent installation location, within 10 meters from the entrance of the community, parallel to the audience's line of sight, constitute a mandatory rating. The display screen is installed at the place where residents are required to go in and out, high-frequency display of company and product information, repeated viewing of fixed population in the community, and deep memory implantation. Accurately covering high-end users in various places, in addition to publishing information on services and information closely related to people’s life in the vicinity, it also updates daily information such as time, weather forecasts, property notices, legal knowledge, and real-time news to facilitate residents’ access to the community. Always understand what life requires. Can make the advertisement hit the target audience most accurately and effectively, and thus achieve the principle that the waste of media budget is the lowest and support the actual sales growth.
2.3. The degree of interference is small; the community environment is single, the media is few, and the degree of interference of the dissemination is small.
2.4. Strong targeting; can broadcast peer-to-peer to the community, with high speed and high traffic. Another feature of LED electronic screens is that they can update advertising content at any time and publish the latest information. Unlike some advertisements that require a certain period of time before they can be replaced, they can communicate seamlessly with community residents.
2.5. The price is low; this kind of advertisement form puts the price very low, lets the customer spend the least money to find the most accurate customer;
2.6. Public welfare; Community LED display is a communication platform for the community to provide information services and has high credibility. Promote the community's informationization process and spiritual civilization, and improve community management.
3. Community LED wireless information release system overview Xiamen Xinchen LED wireless C/S architecture is based on standard client/server network architecture mode. All data is stored centrally in the server for easy daily system maintenance. For customers, installing a client software on a PC that can connect to a server enables cluster management of LED screens. Even if the server center address changes, the new center address can be easily connected through the client's service parameter configuration function.
Xiamen Xinchen LED wireless C/S architecture release system includes: data server, single and dual color LED display, LED integrated card. This architecture is suitable for various types of project applications. Such as: hotel/chain store advertising clusters, community information clusters, taxi advertising clusters, and regional government information clusters.

4, the characteristics of the community LED wireless information release system
Intelligent server database management for customer operation
Support font transfer mode, fast transmission speed
Supports multiple levels of rights management
Supports peer-to-peer, point-to-many, multi-to-many, and many-to-many releases
Supports adaptive operation, masking of sensitive words, arbitrary partition functions, etc.
Support information release log query
Support remote modification of control card and communication equipment parameters
5, the function of the district LED wireless information release system

5.1 C/S Architecture LED Networking Publishing System Network Topology