Xiaobian Comments: Skyworth box i71S second generation four highlights

Highlight 1: Chip upgrade

Skyworth box i71S chip is a quad-core chip, Amlogic S802 Cortex-A9 architecture, and this time Skyworth box i71S second-generation chip upgrade to 8-core chips, RK3368 Cortex A53 framework, marking the Skyworth box also entered the 8-core era.

Highlights II: System Upgrade

The Skyworth box i71S II's operating system is a new Android 5.1 system, which will be more convenient to operate.

Highlight three: memory upgrade

The Skyworth released a total of two TV boxes. Skyworth Box i71S II and Skyworth Box i71S Ultimate. Skyworth Box i71S II's memory is the same as previous generation 1G+8G, while Ultimate is a large capacity. 2G+16G, massive memory to play with you.

Highlight four: color upgrade

The previous Skyworth i71S has four colors, black, blue, green, and champagne, and the Skyworth box i71S second generation is based on the previous color, adding silver, orange, purple, gold, so this new Skyworth box There are blue, green, silver, titanium black, Tyrant gold, orange, purple, and 8 colors. This is also the name of the poster.

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