Xinchen threshold LED wireless information release system

Xiamen Xinchen threshold LED wireless information release system
1, project background
In recent years, the LED display market has been developing rapidly. The threshold LED has been spread across all stores, adding a new landscape for cities and counties. For large companies and large chain stores, the number of screens is large and the screen is scattered and managed. It is very inconvenient. Even if a relevant normative system is issued, it is difficult to implement it. Based on the Xinchen LED wireless publishing platform, these problems can be effectively solved. The Xinchen LED wireless platform has made the release and management of information on LED thresholds in various regions such as business offices and chain stores become efficient and simple, allowing users to truly feel convenient information services. While providing users with more convenient services, it will also enhance the construction of marketing and publicity system and the company store image. This system is more suitable for companies with more stores and need unified management, such as mobile companies, telecommunications companies, Unicom, post offices, welfare lottery tickets, sports lottery tickets, and various large-scale chain stores.
2. Project advantages
The advantages of the threshold LED wireless information release system are:
1. Timeliness of information release:
Unlike the U-disk or serial-wire threshold LED information is issued in a relatively independent way, Shin-Etsu Gate LED wireless publishing system can break the time and space constraints, and accurately send information to the specified threshold screen, which is efficient, quick and convenient.
2. The screen is easy to install:
Compared to the serial or cable distribution mode, the release of the Xinchen Gate LED wireless can save the wiring trouble, greatly simplifying the construction period, improving the efficiency, and reducing the workload.
3. Eye-catching mode of communication: Once the threshold LED has achieved unified management and release, it not only improves efficiency and company image, but also achieves a good advertising effect, forming a powerful visual impact.
3. System introduction Xiamen Xinchen Doors LED wireless release system adopts advanced B/S network architecture. All data central storage and servers of the service center facilitate daily system maintenance, and provides convenient and simple parameter configuration functions for different network environments. Rapid installation and deployment of server systems. The client can implement connection center, data transmission management and other operations anytime and anywhere in the place where there is Internet access without installing any software. Even if the center address is changed, the new center address can be easily connected through the service parameter configuration function of the client. The software mainly includes four parts: terminal management, program editing, information release, and system information.
3.1 The basic functions are as follows:
u Realize unified real-time remote management of all threshold LED screens
u Can support GPRS, CDMA, EDGE, 3G, 4G and other multi-network hybrid networking at the same time
u Support point-to-point, point-to-many, multi-pair, and many-to-many releases
u Support remote modification of control card and communication equipment parameters
u Users do not need to know too many system configurations to quickly publish and manage LED information
u You can publish and manage LED information through any computer that can access the Internet without installing a client
u Directly access WEB interface through mobile phone for LED information operation
u The function of program arrangement, review and release is independent
u Sensitive characters can be set to prevent illegal information errors and malicious posting
u Support full-color LED screen, colorful LED screen
u Multi-level user rights management. Different people on the same screen manage and publish programs at the same time.
u Equipment real-time online monitoring and program release status monitoring
u History query, including each user's operation record, program release record, etc., to facilitate customer inquiries
3.2 System Architecture Diagram
Data architecture diagram